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Why I chose NBR

Hello, Beauty!!Can we pick our jaws up from the floor now? Did you even know hair could DO THIS??You hear me talking about Natural Beaded Rows Extensions (NBR) literally every single day. But I'm not sure we've ever talked about why.Even as a little girl, I was obsessed with hair. I taught myself to braid on my 5th birthday, and it was game on from there. One thing I struggled with as a stylist, was not being able to give my clients MORE hair.I loved creating visual texture with dimensional color, watching my Paul Mitchell educational videos and "practicing" on real clients LOL! But other than giving them a perm (which I avoided at all costs!) there was no way to create a dramatic change in fullness. And while there were different methods of hair extensions on the market, nothing ever offered the results I was looking for!What I finally found was Natural Beaded Rows. Two reasons why I love this method so much are they are versatile enough for any hair, but especially…

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