For the Love of Ugly Breakfasts

Good morning, Beauties!
If you have ever talked to me or watched any of my live vlogs on Instagram you know I am constantly talking about food, eating, and the next time I’m going to eat food.
I don’t know that I’m a “foodie” but I do spend a large portion of each day eating, preparing, and thinking about food🤣 I do have to pay attention to certain things, like gluten and dairy, and I like to eat as much healthy food as I can.
One of my absolute favorite ways to incorporate extra veggies into my day is by making a big, ugly scramble for breakfast. Now, I don’t intend for it to look unattractive, but by nature, it just turns out that way.
For this breakfast, I started with three baby bella mushrooms, a quarter of a yellow sweet pepper, and a handful of chopped onion. Into a pan with olive oil to get all soft and golden.

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Cozy Comfort

Hello, Beauties!
It is officially Autumn, and certain things always seem to change in our daily lives.
Obviously, days get shorter and cooler...I naturally crave all things soft, warm, and cozy. I often spend more time doing relaxing hobbies, like crocheting, knitting, writing, and reading. To be fair, I’m fairly awful at most of these, but I adore the beauty of creating.
Right down the street from my salon is a cute, little yarn store. I’ve looked in the windows dozens of times, but I’ve never ventured in. I think they even have classes for all levels of yarn lovers!
I’ve wanted to go in on several occasions, but I just haven’t. I think I feel like an interloper...a not-so-serious tryer. But as I walked by the other day, they had a cute table with these baskets filled with the softest yarns you could ever imagine! I couldn’t help touching—and I haven’t stopped thinking about wanting to learn more about the classes they offer!
I don’t know why I’m standing in my own way...I would lov…

Bra Strap Hair

Hello, Beauties!

It seems that for most of my adult life, I have been cutting and growing out my hair. My "glory days" hair was literally twice in my life...1993-1995 (high school) and 2006 (pregnant with baby Darby.)

The years in between are filled with regrettable color and cut choices. I fondly look back through old photos and realize that mostly, I look like a Cabbage Patch kid with short hair, and that blonde is not really my best color. I will not discuss the perms right now.

Once I got my wits about me and tried growing my hair out for good, it was 2014. I know this only because I started an experiment called Project: Pinterest Hair. I wrangled one of my friends into doing it with me, and we wore big Hanes Tees and drew lines each month to measure how long our hair was getting.

Obviously, there were specifics I will have to discuss in another post, because I realize my plan was slightly flawed. Be on the lookout, it may need a series of posts HAHA!

Anyhoo, by the tim…

Word On the Street

Hello, Beauties!

I am always sad to see the end of summer, but I do love that, "Hello, Autumn!" Especially when it comes to clothes and hair color. Wearing layers, to peel off as the day warms...adding some fuzzy socks after getting home from work...a beautiful glass of wine in hand...

I've been looking through old photos recently, and it made me realize I have always tried to be a BLONDE. But in reality, my life just looks better BRONDE. That delicious blend of not-too-light and not-too-dark, just enough warmth to add a bit of glow, it really is just perfect. 

And it makes color maintenance for my Natural Beaded Rows™ Extensions super easy. All I have to do is a gloss or regrowth maintenance (for those special little sparklies) every couple of months. It keeps my overall color beautiful and rich, and my life as simple as possible!

What is your favorite thing about Autumn? Leave a comment and share the love!!

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Sephora Unboxing—Farsali, Glamglow, and more!

New video! My most recent Sephora purchases!

Better Every Day

Hello, Beauties!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you've been able to browse around my site a little bit to see what I'm all about. But if this is your first visit, welcome!!

I started offering Natural Beaded Rows™ Extensions last winter, after attending BMSCON3, the annual convention/training for NBR™. Once I returned home, I couldn't wait to give everyone lots of gorgeous hair!!

As a stylist with almost two decades of experience, I wasn't used to not being competent and amazing at hair. Let me tell you, learning the process of these extensions was a humbling challenge, to say the least. And I am grateful for the drive and dedication to put daily practice on my list of accomplishments. And I've seen the real-life results that prove it!

This morning, I changed out the before and after photos on my Apply for Natural Beaded Rows™ page. Just seeing the difference in my photos from when I first started until now is mind blowing. And I know the rest of my skills have als…

Nina's NBR Transformation

Hello, Beauties!

It is the winding down of summer fun. The days are getting just the tiniest bit shorter, but we still get to have a few more of those hot and humid days!

I wanted to share this amazing transformation! Nina wanted to have dream hair without creating more damage to her natural hair. She had been over-lightened and suffered fairly severe chemical damage and breakage.

She has a beautiful shade of dark blonde naturally, but she wanted to be lighter. I brightened up Nina's delicate hair, taking extra care not to further compromise it. The health and integrity of the natural hair is my number one priority!

Next, I customized her extensions to blend seamlessly, and installed Two Full Rows of NBR™ to add length and fullness. She could not believe how gorgeous her new hair looked and felt!

Nina will be back in next week for her first move up appointment, so she will be all ready to face the back to school rush of September. I can't wait to share more of her story with …