Friday, December 3, 2010

Bronzer and Mascara=Instant Vitamin D

So we are feeling December in upstate PA...dreary, gray and cold...blahs!  It was almost dark at 2pm, Tuesday, when I depleted the last of my energy stores.  Yuck!  I still had to entertain my children for the rest of the day!!  What was this Glamour Girl to do?  I slugged off to my makeup bag and grabbed my fluffy brush, loose bronzer and Maybelline Great Lash, Blackest Black.  A day off, no sun?  No worries!  It was like a splash of August sunlight burst through my bathroom window as I layered on a few coats of mascara and got a lit-from-within boost from my Cover Girl loose bronzer.  I bundled up the chitlins and braved the below-freezing grayness for some fresh air fun, feeling bright and rejuvenated, thanks to my Instant Vitamin D.  No matter how blah or yuck I feel, even on my fabulous days at home with the darlings, doing laundry and scrubbing bathrooms, I always feel better with just a touch of makeup.  It is not vain, it is Mama's little pick-me-up.