Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Than Just the Weather

It occurred to me as I chopped the onions and garlic for dinner that people inevitably turn to the weather for conversational bridges.   While on the phone the phone with Directv's tech support, I heard my husband discuss our current weather forecast.  As a stylist behind the chair, I have relied on this conversational stop-gap myself occasionally, usually as a last resort.  I hear in in the salon all the time and it irritates me.   The weather is most often the last thing I talk about with a client, but I understand it is one thing almost any two people in close geographical contact would have in common. 

I don't like talking about the weather.  I tend to feel anxious with new people in my chair, but after my initial consultation pertaining to their haircare needs, I start asking key questions.  People like talking about themselves.  Just listen.  That is usually all you hear in a salon setting.  I figured out early in my career that people are in your chair either because you're a rock star with the shears or they need someone to listen to them.  I may have magic fingers with hair, but I also know the only way that I can give a client the hair they want is by giving them an outlet to vent their frustrations.  If people can get all of their feelings out, whether or not they relate to their hair, they will feel better about everything.  This is my secret weapon.  Not only do I get my clients into a better frame of mind about how they look, I usually let them feel better about their entire life.  Even without talking about the weather.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bronzer and Mascara=Instant Vitamin D

So we are feeling December in upstate PA...dreary, gray and cold...blahs!  It was almost dark at 2pm, Tuesday, when I depleted the last of my energy stores.  Yuck!  I still had to entertain my children for the rest of the day!!  What was this Glamour Girl to do?  I slugged off to my makeup bag and grabbed my fluffy brush, loose bronzer and Maybelline Great Lash, Blackest Black.  A day off, no sun?  No worries!  It was like a splash of August sunlight burst through my bathroom window as I layered on a few coats of mascara and got a lit-from-within boost from my Cover Girl loose bronzer.  I bundled up the chitlins and braved the below-freezing grayness for some fresh air fun, feeling bright and rejuvenated, thanks to my Instant Vitamin D.  No matter how blah or yuck I feel, even on my fabulous days at home with the darlings, doing laundry and scrubbing bathrooms, I always feel better with just a touch of makeup.  It is not vain, it is Mama's little pick-me-up.