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New Year, New Yay!

Hello, beauties!  Just wanted to give a quick hello while we're prepping for our yummy supper on the eve of 2012!!  I am so excited for the upcoming year!  I have big hopes, bigger dreams and the drive to make it happen!!!!  (Positive thinking, girls!!)  I hope you all have the best night (safely!)  And we'll chat about how to disguise the after-effects of said nights next year!!!!

Happy New Year!!
xoxo L

Blast (Fast!) from the Past!

So, I have been known to pull a quick retro style from my hair/makeup vault for a day at the salon, a trip to the market or just chillin' with the darlings on a's a glimpse from a "home day with mama" last week...
Yes, I know it is slightly lame to stand around posing in my dining room on a random Thursday, but the kids were doing craft time at the table with such nice natural light, and I had been practicing applying false lashes, so....
I figured I'd add a quick swipe of matte red lips (NYX matte lip creme) and a little brow definition with my headscarf!  Seriously, it just took a few minutes to look like I had spent all morning getting ready for work!

I have always looked inappropriately made up...I used to never even check the mail without my lashes curled and mascaraed, which I know sounds cliche.  But that was me.  Then there was this fat chunk of time when the kids were born (15 1/2 months apart) that I don't really remember wearing makeup…

Bronze Eye Makeup with a Splash!

This easy fall look was fast and easy!  Just a few simple switches from your daily-wear can turn you into a Bronze Goddess, with a hidden flash of blue!
These were the two eye shadows I used: Stila golightly (shimmery bronze) and mystic (soft, shiny sea blue).  After applying a fairly thick slice of bronze liquid liner at the lash line ( I used Avon Perfect Wear eyewriter in beaming bronze), I used a flat shader brush to smudge the golightly into the outermost edge of my crease, just under the orbital bone.  One of my fave tricks is to then take a more vivid color (mystic, here), and apply above the liner with a thicker swath of color.

This way the eye doesn't get too muddy looking, both colors look more distinct, and it lets you wear a brighter color that you wouldn't normally wear all over the lid  You get a flash of splash!  Now you see it,
now you don't!  Metallics are everywhere this season, so don't be afraid to play!

Bend Me, Shape Me Hair (Wedding)

So there is really something to hair that bends and twists and stays where you put it!  This weekend I took care of two lovely ladies for a wedding in upstate New York.  Everybody in the wedding party was kind, flexible and was a great way to start a Saturday! 

Heather was Maid of Honor, and the bride's cousin.  Heather's hair was very blonde and slightly damaged.  Thick, curly and, well, mold-able.  The Bride wanted all the girls to have low updo's, and Heather wanted smooth, since she always put it up in a messy bun for work.  She was making references to being Barbie blonde if she couldn't have a Barbie body, so I said we would do a low, smooth, super-volumized low updo befit for Barbie!  (I even got to be super-creative and filled the lower part of the style with rolled up cotton to make up for volume!)

Now, Hailey was a Junior Bridesmaid.  (I got her mama's permission to put her pics here!)  Hailey's hair was long, thick and luscious!  She ha…

Once in a while...

Sometimes I have felt disgruntled about my career...seemingly for years at a time, even.  But every once in a while, the light breaks through and the realization that I am a beauty professional sideswipes my brain.  I am in the unique position of making a good living making people look and feel better. I have been given the passion and capabilities for hair and beauty that many people don't understand.  I get to be the image of glamour and style that most people only get to see in magazines...I get to be the guru of everything beauty/fashion/wellness/life to hundreds of people!  I am a Professional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist.  And I am grateful I still have the opportunity to wake up each day and make the choice to enjoy my career.  Wow.  That's a piece of good fortune that comes around only every once in a while...

Dirty Little (Beauty) Secrets

OK, so I tend to boss the girls in my chair around a little bit.  But it's only in their best beauty interest.  Swear!  So just so we have full disclosure, I do practice what I preach.  When I tell you to stop shampooing/conditioning/heat-styling each and every blessed day, really, stop, because I don't do that more than every 2 to 3 days myself...and you always love my hair!!!  When I tell you professional hair-care products really do make a difference, believe that I love a bargain, too, but I know how much you spend on your hair color, and I want you to keep it beautiful!  That is my name on your head!!!  I use professional color, shampoo/conditioner, stylers and tools--they matter!  Dry shampoo does rock my world!  I had my babies 15 months apart, and I still needed to look like a beauty pro a few days a week!  It creates body/volume, refreshes and absorbs bedhead greasies, makes you feel fairly human when you really should be a zombie, but you still must actually WASH you…

You might be a (beauty) junkie if...

1.  You spend your birthday cash at, ulta,, etc.
2.  You practice new makeup looks when you get your most recent copy of Allure, Elle, etc.
3.  You scour said magazines looking for the right pic to bring to your hair stylist (love the bangs!)
4.  You are a YouTube tutorial fan
5.  Your four-year-old gets into your "products" and knows proper placement of said products
6.  You find yourself explaining techniques to your children as they watch you get ready, i.e. stippling,  contouring, blotting
7.  You watch those infomercials and begin adding items to your gift wish list! (QVC, too!)
8.  You start asking your husband if he noticed the waitress' eyeliner/bronzer/hairstyle

You know who you are, and you know what I'm talking about!  Love it!  Live it!


This month has completely morphed into a sweltering melted-makeup mess!!  So to keep cool, I have been obsessively watching YouTube vids in front of the air conditioner!  Right now I am looking at retro hair/makeup and practicing at home, of course!  Ooh--I had never before heard of this Viva Las Vegas something or other, but apparently it is a convention for retro-rockabilly/psychobilly, glam ma'ams ( I just made that one up, but I think I'm gonna keep using it!)  I am intrigued and will be taking a closer look!  Ok, so love your hair, don't fight your natural texture and for goodness sakes start following this blog!

Bumper bangs and Victory rolls!


Few products really seem to deliver on what their brilliant ad campaigns promise.  I love trying any beauty product, really, but very few see a second chance in my bathroom cupboard.  Lip products seem especially fickle...they are relatively inexpensive, easy to transport and even easier to lose!  Glosses end up gloppy or just disappear after an hour, long-stay sticks can be too drying and look crackly/flaky, and regular lipcolors tend to just be a fall/winter grab. 

One that I've been using recently is from NYX: Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo.  It's a soft yet strong retro red, so this shade is not for everyone.  It is not a gloss, even though it applies almost as easily.  The finish is quite literally soft matte.  It's not dry, nor does it leave your lips cakey or chunky, and it lasts and lasts, though a couple of re-apps helped get me through the day at the salon.  I applied, cleaned my lines, blotted with tissue, then applied and blotted again.  (Always worth the…

When You Get It...

Sometimes we try too hard.  And sometimes we don't try hard enough!  Take your "look."  You don't think you have one?  You think you're rocking a hot style?  You may be surprised by how your go-to dailies define your style.  Most guys figure out (kind of) hair gel and spiky bangs in 7th grade and stay with the same look until someone like me (or their girlfriend/wife--almost always the reason their mate is in my chair in the first place,) forces them to look at their style options.  I find my gals behave in much the same way with some faring better than others.  The bangs?  The color, or lack thereof?  Most of the time you just get stuck in a routine, or grab the same crunchy mousse or spray you've always used (I understand Aussie reminds you of the good old days, but let's move on, girl!) 
Sometimes you hold on to a comment from years before, whether good or bad, and that's why you keep your style the same.   Usually a husband or boyfriend likes a c…

PandorAllure's Box

I ordered my Beauty Box from Allure...this seasonal package of the best of the best of goodies from Allure magazine!  It took almost the full two weeks to arrive, which made me antsy, since we have had deliveries go to the neighbor's before.  I emailed the customer service address and got a timely reply of date sent and tracking number.  So impressed!  And it arrived the next day, of course...Inside was the Pandora's box of anti-aging skin emulsions, hair-preservers, body invigorators and complexion saviors I have ever seen in one small to medium sized cardboard box!  The bonus was $5 of my fee was donated to The Skin Cancer Foundation (!)  My front-runner faves are Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer, feels so silky and smells great!, and Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil--I am a hair oil fanatic and I adore this one!  I haven't tried everything, yet, but I believe some of these hotties will earn a Second-Time Purcha…

sexy and the city...ish

I am so sorry!  I've been trying to use my Nook Color, with its advanced web features, to blog, but it just hasn't been working.  Anyway, I wanted to tell you about what I've been doing lately!  So, Sex and the City, one of my all-time fave shows, has been on reruns on E! and Bravo...I have been catching up on as many as possible, but realize suddenly how inappropriate much of the viewing is with my 3 and 4 year old children!!!  However, one of the main reasons I always loved Carrie's character was because I could relate to sitting at my desk, tapping out my witty musings on life, love, relationships and the plight of women as humans with purpose (and makeup!).  I suddenly felt so extremely connected to my fictional cast mate I could hardly wait to get back to typing!  So, while I understand that the show and subsequent movies are quite clearly fiction, I think we all have a little character role we play each day.  And I am so excited to explore this more! So, what I r…

Princesses Rule!

Hey, dolls!  Just wanted to drop a quick note about being sparkly!  This morning, I did a super-quick mani before getting ready for work.  In honor of the Royal Wedding countdown, I applied one coat of CND Stickey followed by two coats of OPI Princesses Rule!, a light, sheer and sparkly pink.  Even my hubby said it was pretty!  Gotta finish my topcoat and get beautiful for the workday.  (P.S. I am not doing all of this at the crack of dawn, so don't feel like a slacker!  I don't have to be there until 11!) 

Princesses and Tiaras,

Balance and Beauty

Hey all!  Just wanted to say it has been very long are still so sick and I feel like I am on a bad-hair/no makeup carousel!  But it has been a gentle reminder as to where my priorities truly live.  It is all here, at home, but I also know I need just a dose of me once in a while, too.  Right now, feeling like I haven't had enough sleep (or showering!) in the last week or so, not more that a single mountain pose a day and really, I don't remember the last time I stopped to breathe, I am a mother and wife, but I'm also a beautiful woman who needs to take care of herself!  I know I'm kind of running on without much purpose, but writing is also something I need in order to realign.  I want this to be about hair and makeup, and life in and out of the salon, but I realize that I want it to really be about what I find beautiful in my life.  A more holistic approach to my beauty blog, if you will.  I was thinking earlier, "Gee, what will my audience think if I…


I have loved makeup since I was at least 5 years old.  And hair.  On my 5th birthday, my parents drove my birthday party ( a few of us girls in a big, copper van (Ford or Chrysler, I think), to Island Park in beauty-ful Blossburg.  I remember sitting on the floor of that van holding onto the ringleted pigtails of my brand-new Lemon Meringue Doll ( you know, partner in crime to Strawberry Shortcake?)  My mom still refuses to believe that I did it all by myself, but I split each pigtail into 3 strands and started braiding.  Yes, for real.  Not too much later, my mom gave me a few choice pieces from her castoff makeup collection.  A glorious Revlon frosted blue shadow, minus the cover, and a red lipstick, also without a top.  The lipstick had a slightly off taste and to this day I still refuse to toss decades old lip color with that 'flavor!'  OK, I've gotten better, but my makeup is truly a collection.  A life in color, memory by memory.  I can remember when and where I'…

Refreshed, Exhausted, Beautiful

Hey, dolls! Wanted to let you know that I'm back from NYC! (Think I) totally rocked it out at the Certified Colorist Exam for Redken. We'll know for sure in 6 to 8 weeks. Let's hope for a big packet including Press Kit in the US Mail, baby! I just talked to my boss, tucked in my babies and enjoyed a glass (ok, two!) of Pinot Grigio (Bella Serra, not bad...) I have to say, I am beyond exhausted! My body hurts in ways I never least not from walking around an island for a weekend! It was so refreshing to be in the city, riding the train, trekking around Midtown, and doing timed-trials for hair! I felt like a new person, with such renewed confidence in what I am doing and what I am capable of! It was almost like a reset button being pushed on my whole life! I feel like a million bucks! And you know what? The one thing that can make a person beautiful, more than anything else? Confidence. That is real beauty, baby!!! Here's to you, here's to me, here's…

Education and Inspiration

Hi, dolls!  Just wanted to let you know what I've been doing instead of writing....I am studying for the Redken Certified Haircolorist exam!  It has taken up so much of my free time, not that I have that much to begin with!, but I am so excited!  I will be heading to NYC a week from today and will be seeing the Redken Exchange on 5th Avenue for the very first time!  I am so grateful for this opportunity to advance my professional educational opportunities!  I promise I will be bringing you a ton of new inspiration and love as soon as I get done with all of this studying and practicing!  Wish me luck!

Awesome Hair Wishes,

On the (Full) Fringe

Latest and greatest!  I am embracing the full, slightly rocked-out lash-length fringe. On myself, as well as a few of my more adventurous clients.  Of course, I offer complimentary bang trims between appointments, otherwise the look doesn't last.  And I always customize each cookie cutters for me!!!  Think about it...small change, big impact, low commitment if you change your mind.  And my number one rule, especially if you haven't rocked bangs since 1996?  Please, no round brushed sausage curl laying against your forehead!!!!

Beating Winter-Skin Blahs

Just a little tip for what I've been doing for faking luminous, spring-break-worthy skin:  After moisturizing with my regular a.m. moisturizer, I spread a bit of stila illuminating tinted moisturizer (SPF 15) over my cheekbones, under my eyes (super-dark circles!), along the bridge of my nose and sweeping up and around my temples.  Then I apply my current fave foundation, L'OREAL true match liquid, like usual.  The result is lit-from-within and pretty, just the extra perking up I need for mid-January skin!

(Beauty) Psych 101

I have taken years of college classes.  But, still, I stand behind the chair.  When I look in the mirror I see, in all ways I have been or will become, myself.  I have picked up and left off along the way.  A few semesters of studenting, and then time off to do something else; a class or two here, and then kids.  I will finish something with my bachelor's degree at some point, but for now, I am here.  But no matter what, I always still see myself in my reflection.

I have noticed as a professional cosmetologist, and as a woman, some people have skewed views of themselves.  A rather obvious statement, I know, but I have really started paying attention to the ways my clients look at themselves while they're in my chair.  Some see who they want to be, some, who they used to be.  Some see nothing but flaws, some, just who they are afraid of becoming.  No matter, it is not really about their hair or their makeup routine.  But these are the things they grab onto when looking to have …