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Beating Winter-Skin Blahs

Just a little tip for what I've been doing for faking luminous, spring-break-worthy skin:  After moisturizing with my regular a.m. moisturizer, I spread a bit of stila illuminating tinted moisturizer (SPF 15) over my cheekbones, under my eyes (super-dark circles!), along the bridge of my nose and sweeping up and around my temples.  Then I apply my current fave foundation, L'OREAL true match liquid, like usual.  The result is lit-from-within and pretty, just the extra perking up I need for mid-January skin!

(Beauty) Psych 101

I have taken years of college classes.  But, still, I stand behind the chair.  When I look in the mirror I see, in all ways I have been or will become, myself.  I have picked up and left off along the way.  A few semesters of studenting, and then time off to do something else; a class or two here, and then kids.  I will finish something with my bachelor's degree at some point, but for now, I am here.  But no matter what, I always still see myself in my reflection.

I have noticed as a professional cosmetologist, and as a woman, some people have skewed views of themselves.  A rather obvious statement, I know, but I have really started paying attention to the ways my clients look at themselves while they're in my chair.  Some see who they want to be, some, who they used to be.  Some see nothing but flaws, some, just who they are afraid of becoming.  No matter, it is not really about their hair or their makeup routine.  But these are the things they grab onto when looking to have …