(Beauty) Psych 101

I have taken years of college classes.  But, still, I stand behind the chair.  When I look in the mirror I see, in all ways I have been or will become, myself.  I have picked up and left off along the way.  A few semesters of studenting, and then time off to do something else; a class or two here, and then kids.  I will finish something with my bachelor's degree at some point, but for now, I am here.  But no matter what, I always still see myself in my reflection.

I have noticed as a professional cosmetologist, and as a woman, some people have skewed views of themselves.  A rather obvious statement, I know, but I have really started paying attention to the ways my clients look at themselves while they're in my chair.  Some see who they want to be, some, who they used to be.  Some see nothing but flaws, some, just who they are afraid of becoming.  No matter, it is not really about their hair or their makeup routine.  But these are the things they grab onto when looking to have some modicum of control over their lives. 

Most often I am rather blunt with my clients.  I hear all sorts of things going on in the chairs around me, but I have found the true and unfiltered observation to be my greatest ally.  I have never seen anyone who looks as hideous as they think they do!  This is not to say they couldn't look better.  A little tweak with their cut and color, a brow shaping,  maybe some bronzer and mascara...We have limitless options when it comes to the difference I can make for a girl in my chair.  But the biggest difference I have seen is the ability to see the true reflection of ourselves in that mirror.  We need to be nice to ourselves, our hair knows when we hate it, and treat it like it has ruined our lives...we need to love it a little, treat it nicely, treat ourselves a little better...I think the thing that makes us our most beautiful is being ourselves and liking what that looks like.

Beauty seems to be one part patience, one part skill and most parts psychology.  At least from my place behind the chair!

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