Friday, March 25, 2011


I have loved makeup since I was at least 5 years old.  And hair.  On my 5th birthday, my parents drove my birthday party ( a few of us girls in a big, copper van (Ford or Chrysler, I think), to Island Park in beauty-ful Blossburg.  I remember sitting on the floor of that van holding onto the ringleted pigtails of my brand-new Lemon Meringue Doll ( you know, partner in crime to Strawberry Shortcake?)  My mom still refuses to believe that I did it all by myself, but I split each pigtail into 3 strands and started braiding.  Yes, for real.  Not too much later, my mom gave me a few choice pieces from her castoff makeup collection.  A glorious Revlon frosted blue shadow, minus the cover, and a red lipstick, also without a top.  The lipstick had a slightly off taste and to this day I still refuse to toss decades old lip color with that 'flavor!'  OK, I've gotten better, but my makeup is truly a collection.  A life in color, memory by memory.  I can remember when and where I've purchased or received each piece, to the holiday, if not to the month.  I do have a slightly creepy memory, if you ask my friends and family, but makeup just really speaks to me, my senses.  I think I may be addicted. 
Not that I can't stop myself.  I am frugal in now that I'm in my motherhood age!  I am super-selective in what I do buy.  And I research everything.  Find ways to try things...imagine things...If I want something bad enough, I wait until Christmas, my birthday or another pocket of "I really need this" money, and get it.  Makeup and hair have become rituals, therapy and a successful hobby-turned-career for me.  I love it and I don't care who knows.
My name is Lindsay and I am a beauty addict.  And I like it!!!

Highlights and Clinique Almost Lipstick, Black Honey,