When You Get It...

Sometimes we try too hard.  And sometimes we don't try hard enough!  Take your "look."  You don't think you have one?  You think you're rocking a hot style?  You may be surprised by how your go-to dailies define your style.  Most guys figure out (kind of) hair gel and spiky bangs in 7th grade and stay with the same look until someone like me (or their girlfriend/wife--almost always the reason their mate is in my chair in the first place,) forces them to look at their style options.  I find my gals behave in much the same way with some faring better than others.  The bangs?  The color, or lack thereof?  Most of the time you just get stuck in a routine, or grab the same crunchy mousse or spray you've always used (I understand Aussie reminds you of the good old days, but let's move on, girl!) 
Sometimes you hold on to a comment from years before, whether good or bad, and that's why you keep your style the same.   Usually a husband or boyfriend likes a certain length or you were known for your blonde locks in high school.  Or you felt cursed by natural curls growing up and fight them with heat tools daily.  You worry that having longer hair makes you look like you're trying to hold onto your youth or that short hair seems unfeminine.  Sometimes it takes more guidance or patience but I promise a little tweak or even a big change will rarely cause undue stress when left to a gifted stylist!  I guess that's really the bottom line.  You need to build a relationship with your hairstylist.  Trust that they will offer options and (sometimes brutally) honest opinions about your hair/beauty routine.  Don't be afraid of trying something new!  Be open-minded and communicative about your fears and your lifestyle.  Make sure they get it!  That way you will get the look that works best for you (in this decade!!!) and your daily life!


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