Dirty Little (Beauty) Secrets

OK, so I tend to boss the girls in my chair around a little bit.  But it's only in their best beauty interest.  Swear!  So just so we have full disclosure, I do practice what I preach.  When I tell you to stop shampooing/conditioning/heat-styling each and every blessed day, really, stop, because I don't do that more than every 2 to 3 days myself...and you always love my hair!!!  When I tell you professional hair-care products really do make a difference, believe that I love a bargain, too, but I know how much you spend on your hair color, and I want you to keep it beautiful!  That is my name on your head!!!  I use professional color, shampoo/conditioner, stylers and tools--they matter!  Dry shampoo does rock my world!  I had my babies 15 months apart, and I still needed to look like a beauty pro a few days a week!  It creates body/volume, refreshes and absorbs bedhead greasies, makes you feel fairly human when you really should be a zombie, but you still must actually WASH your hair once in awhile!!!  Come on, people!  There are limits to product performance!!!

But I won't yell at you about these little dark and uglies....

a) I have used baby wipes to remove my makeup at night since several years before I ever had my tiny humans! Safe for small bum cheeks, safe for my face cheeks?!
b) I am vain enough that I still don't take off my mascara/eyeliner before bed...hubby likes me natural, but I love mascara'd lashes.  I just don't care.
c) Unless I am super-lucky enough to get a morning shower, I rarely rinse the previous night's moisturizer/eye creams off before applying fresh morning makeup...see previous note for extra time-saving morning makeup cheat!!!!!! Yikes!
d) I take my makeup bag to work with me and I do freshen up every so often between clients...My job is to make you look great, but I have to look that way, too! It inspires confidence in all of us!!!

Here's to feeling beautiful, dark circles, secrets and all!


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