Bend Me, Shape Me Hair (Wedding)

So there is really something to hair that bends and twists and stays where you put it!  This weekend I took care of two lovely ladies for a wedding in upstate New York.  Everybody in the wedding party was kind, flexible and was a great way to start a Saturday! 

Heather was Maid of Honor, and the bride's cousin.  Heather's hair was very blonde and slightly damaged.  Thick, curly and, well, mold-able.  The Bride wanted all the girls to have low updo's, and Heather wanted smooth, since she always put it up in a messy bun for work.  She was making references to being Barbie blonde if she couldn't have a Barbie body, so I said we would do a low, smooth, super-volumized low updo befit for Barbie!  (I even got to be super-creative and filled the lower part of the style with rolled up cotton to make up for volume!)

Now, Hailey was a Junior Bridesmaid.  (I got her mama's permission to put her pics here!)  Hailey's hair was long, thick and luscious!  She had the natural, soft highlights we all pay dearly for, and she was so relaxed and sweet.  I suggested a low/side, beachy-feeling do.  She wears her hair on a super-deep side part, so I asked her if she was up for a braid into the rest of the style.  She kind of giggled and said "Yes."  When her mom saw she asked whose idea the braid was, because Hailey LOVES to do these braids! 

The best part of this wedding was that my girls really let me take the reins and make them FABULOUS!!!!  We had a ton of fun and the girls were just so sweet! My advice to wedding parties?  Let the Bride be the boss of you and let your stylist do what she needs to do to make your hair (you know it doesn't always meet minimum wedding-hair criteria!) work for what your Bride wants! Believe, it makes everybody much, much happier!

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