Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blast (Fast!) from the Past!

So, I have been known to pull a quick retro style from my hair/makeup vault for a day at the salon, a trip to the market or just chillin' with the darlings on a Tuesday...here's a glimpse from a "home day with mama" last week...
Yes, I know it is slightly lame to stand around posing in my dining room on a random Thursday, but the kids were doing craft time at the table with such nice natural light, and I had been practicing applying false lashes, so....
I figured I'd add a quick swipe of matte red lips (NYX matte lip creme) and a little brow definition with my headscarf!  Seriously, it just took a few minutes to look like I had spent all morning getting ready for work!

I have always looked inappropriately made up...I used to never even check the mail without my lashes curled and mascaraed, which I know sounds cliche.  But that was me.  Then there was this fat chunk of time when the kids were born (15 1/2 months apart) that I don't really remember wearing makeup (with many pics to prove it!), so taking some random time out of my days at home to practice a look or try something funky really makes me feel so good!

Or there's the random Sunday night that I practice retro hairstyles while the kiddos are in the tubby...(nobody was harmed in the making of this hairstyle!)

So, things aren't always as difficult as they seem...you can create a super-quick retro makeup look or stumble upon a fun old-fashioned updo in a matter of minutes, you just need play!  That's the one thing I find myself saying to clients continuously...don't try too hard, and don't be afraid to play!  You just might have fun and look fantastic!