Bronze Eye Makeup with a Splash!

This easy fall look was fast and easy!  Just a few simple switches from your daily-wear can turn you into a Bronze Goddess, with a hidden flash of blue!
These were the two eye shadows I used: Stila golightly (shimmery bronze) and mystic (soft, shiny sea blue).  After applying a fairly thick slice of bronze liquid liner at the lash line ( I used Avon Perfect Wear eyewriter in beaming bronze), I used a flat shader brush to smudge the golightly into the outermost edge of my crease, just under the orbital bone.  One of my fave tricks is to then take a more vivid color (mystic, here), and apply above the liner with a thicker swath of color.

This way the eye doesn't get too muddy looking, both colors look more distinct, and it lets you wear a brighter color that you wouldn't normally wear all over the lid  You get a flash of splash!  Now you see it,
now you don't!  Metallics are everywhere this season, so don't be afraid to play!

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