Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Princesses Rule!

Hey, dolls!  Just wanted to drop a quick note about being sparkly!  This morning, I did a super-quick mani before getting ready for work.  In honor of the Royal Wedding countdown, I applied one coat of CND Stickey followed by two coats of OPI Princesses Rule!, a light, sheer and sparkly pink.  Even my hubby said it was pretty!  Gotta finish my topcoat and get beautiful for the workday.  (P.S. I am not doing all of this at the crack of dawn, so don't feel like a slacker!  I don't have to be there until 11!) 

Princesses and Tiaras,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Balance and Beauty

Hey all!  Just wanted to say it has been very long are still so sick and I feel like I am on a bad-hair/no makeup carousel!  But it has been a gentle reminder as to where my priorities truly live.  It is all here, at home, but I also know I need just a dose of me once in a while, too.  Right now, feeling like I haven't had enough sleep (or showering!) in the last week or so, not more that a single mountain pose a day and really, I don't remember the last time I stopped to breathe, I am a mother and wife, but I'm also a beautiful woman who needs to take care of herself!  I know I'm kind of running on without much purpose, but writing is also something I need in order to realign.  I want this to be about hair and makeup, and life in and out of the salon, but I realize that I want it to really be about what I find beautiful in my life.  A more holistic approach to my beauty blog, if you will.  I was thinking earlier, "Gee, what will my audience think if I start adding more non-salon type info?" then I remembered, I am my audience right now!  I want to feel full and balanced and comfortable in my life, in my work and in my blogging!!! So, I got that out there and I don't need to keep it floating around in my tired noggen anymore tonight!  Get some beauty sleep, girls!  We never know when we're gonna need it!!!

Sick kids and mama moments,