Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year, New Yay!

Hello, beauties!  Just wanted to give a quick hello while we're prepping for our yummy supper on the eve of 2012!!  I am so excited for the upcoming year!  I have big hopes, bigger dreams and the drive to make it happen!!!!  (Positive thinking, girls!!)  I hope you all have the best night (safely!)  And we'll chat about how to disguise the after-effects of said nights next year!!!!

Happy New Year!!
xoxo L

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blast (Fast!) from the Past!

So, I have been known to pull a quick retro style from my hair/makeup vault for a day at the salon, a trip to the market or just chillin' with the darlings on a's a glimpse from a "home day with mama" last week...
Yes, I know it is slightly lame to stand around posing in my dining room on a random Thursday, but the kids were doing craft time at the table with such nice natural light, and I had been practicing applying false lashes, so....
I figured I'd add a quick swipe of matte red lips (NYX matte lip creme) and a little brow definition with my headscarf!  Seriously, it just took a few minutes to look like I had spent all morning getting ready for work!

I have always looked inappropriately made up...I used to never even check the mail without my lashes curled and mascaraed, which I know sounds cliche.  But that was me.  Then there was this fat chunk of time when the kids were born (15 1/2 months apart) that I don't really remember wearing makeup (with many pics to prove it!), so taking some random time out of my days at home to practice a look or try something funky really makes me feel so good!

Or there's the random Sunday night that I practice retro hairstyles while the kiddos are in the tubby...(nobody was harmed in the making of this hairstyle!)

So, things aren't always as difficult as they can create a super-quick retro makeup look or stumble upon a fun old-fashioned updo in a matter of minutes, you just need play!  That's the one thing I find myself saying to clients continuously...don't try too hard, and don't be afraid to play!  You just might have fun and look fantastic!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bronze Eye Makeup with a Splash!

This easy fall look was fast and easy!  Just a few simple switches from your daily-wear can turn you into a Bronze Goddess, with a hidden flash of blue!
These were the two eye shadows I used: Stila golightly (shimmery bronze) and mystic (soft, shiny sea blue).  After applying a fairly thick slice of bronze liquid liner at the lash line ( I used Avon Perfect Wear eyewriter in beaming bronze), I used a flat shader brush to smudge the golightly into the outermost edge of my crease, just under the orbital bone.  One of my fave tricks is to then take a more vivid color (mystic, here), and apply above the liner with a thicker swath of color.

This way the eye doesn't get too muddy looking, both colors look more distinct, and it lets you wear a brighter color that you wouldn't normally wear all over the lid  You get a flash of splash!  Now you see it,
now you don't!  Metallics are everywhere this season, so don't be afraid to play!