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Squeaky Clean?

How many of you have been told that oil is bad for your skin?  We have all heard that at least once in our beauty-lives, right?  It used to be, "get rid of that oily complexion!" with a tough degreaser, and now it seems to be"why can't you gently remove that slick with more oil?"  More than confusing, don't you think? 

I have been playing with oils for the last few years, and I am just becoming more and more hooked!  I am obsessed with using oils everywhere:  in my hair, in my shower, before my foundation, to remove my foundation!  I will be sharing my experiences with each of these oil-riffic concoctions over several editions of Beauty By Lindsay.  Stay tuned for serious, hard-hitting investigative reporting.  Or perhaps just one woman's adventures on the Slippery Slope!


New Look! New Look!

Hello, pretty!  That's the name of the game for 2012, that's right!  I have been playing around not only with new looks for my face, but with my blog as well!  I hope you like it!  I am in LOVE with the colors--think Spring, people!!  And yay for awesome blog templates!

Fun and Colorful New Looks,

Nightly Routine, Redux

So, you know how I said I was going to use the same products at night because I need to see results and use up products?  Yay!  I actually have done the same routine for nine days!  These were the main products:
Now, I just tried to find the active ingredients for the Avon Nightly Nutrient Peel, and it doesn't even exist on their website anymore.  I don't think I've had it THAT long, but now I am trying to figure out my ownership timeline...product should be used by the expiration date for maximum efficacy, you know.  Especially this type of treatment product. However long I have had this, it has been working, to a point.

As I said previously, I washed with a gentle cleanser, then applied this eye cream (Clinique All About Eyes Rich) and peel serum.  After a few minutes, I layered on a thick coating of a regular hydrating lotion.  Each morning, I rinsed off the residue (I didn't cleanse) and my skin really did look brighter and smoother.  Until morning seven, that is. …

Having a Sally Field Moment--The Versatile Blogger Award!

 I am officially a part of the Blogger Community!  And I know I am so totally taking this over the top, but I can't help but think, "You like me, you really like me!!"

I would like to thank (the Academy!) Melissa from budgetbeautybanshee for this AWARD!!! So excited she thought of me for this honor!  My hubby was slightly joking that it was "a major award!" (like from The Christmas Story when Dad wins the sexy-leg lamp!)  But, seriously, we are so excited!

So seven random facts about me:

*  my family is my world
*  I always give my pets middle names
*  before I became a hairstylist/makeup artist/blogger, my fave job was as a pharmacy technician
*  I worked as a DJ for a country music station for about a month
*  I love watching movies, including documentaries on just about anything!
*  I always do my own haircuts/color (Once every few years I will let a coworker do something, but I straight-up panic the whole time!)
*  I used to get picked on for my big eye…

Versatile Blogger?!! That's ME!

This is just a quickie: have to do a little work for a bigger, better post, but I just had to say....
I was given The VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD by Melissa of budgetbeautybanshee!  I am beyond excited!  Oh my goodness, I am so excited!!!!

Here's to more!
xoxo L

Out with the Old (Skin and Products!)

I love products!  I love researching them, buying them, trying them...and almost never finishing them, because I find new ones to try and buy.  Then I end up with a backlogged basket/drawer of great (or not-so-great) products edging ever closer to their expiration.  What a waste! 

Marching behind the skeletons of wasted products is a face that needs love and moisture.  Fine lines are just waiting to be diminished, spots needing correcting collect pigment and cry out for banishment!  This skin demands follow through!  So here's the plan:

1.  Stop purchasing (BAH!) unnecessary product until currents are under control.  (I have had this policy in effect for most of the past year, and it has helped immensely!)
2.  Create skin-treatment regimen from current open commodities.
3.  Follow said regimen (the hardest part) until sufficient knowledge/results have been mined for decision.

Since right now my skin seems slightly drier and more dull (thank you terrible weather and no sleep!)  I …

About a Brush...

What exactly makes makeup so fascinating?  The transformation?  The confidence boost?  The limitless options facing any well-made face?  No.  It's the brushes.  Watching the artist sweep delicately across a cheekbone, chiseling a jawline, defining a strong crease under a deeply-arched brow?  It is beautiful.  If you have doubts, watch someone in action at a salon or on YouTube.  There is nothing like it (for a beauty geek!)

This is the sad state of my current brush-life:
 These are the haggard (but fairly clean) members of my makeup brush troupe.  (I use different brushes at the salon.)  They have travelled countless miles, weathered many-an-emotional-storm, and made a few new friends along the way!  But I am going to be ruthless in their demise once I receive my new Real Techniques (Pixiwoo co-founder Sam Chapman's creation brushes that I just ordered from !

Yay!  I just can't wait!  I have been looking at all  makes, models, brands, …

Revolutions: New Year, New Confidence

I love experimenting with my looks; makeup, hairstyles/colors, fashion, attitude!  It's just what I do. 

  Recently I was doing a friend's hair, and I started asking her about her beauty routine.  She confirmed what I had already suspected--she never tried to change much of anything!  She loves fashion (and gossip) magazines, shopping and adores seeing hair and makeup possibilities...but she NEVER PLAYS WITH MAKEUP!  She does what she does, and that's it!  Same ol', same ol' every day!  She's also never really had her makeup done professionally, either. (Once for a wedding she was in, but that didn't sound very successful!) 

So I asked her if we could do a before...

and after...

 Look at the difference in her confidence, alone!  She was nervous getting her picture taken at first, but she felt beautiful, glamorous and totally pampered, and really let herself get into the photo shoot (another first!)

So, this year, I am going to try to show my gir…

Happy Nude Years! (Natural Makeup)

This is the most naked you will ever see me on the Internet (or anywhere!)  No, don't get the wrong idea, I'm talking about MAKEUP!!  I wanted to start the New Year as fresh and simple as possible.  So, here is a three-product face...
Not necessarily a going-to-work face, but I didn't feel abhorrent, either! 
The products used, in 1.3 minutes flat are:
1.  stila illuminating tinted moisturizer, SPF 15, in shade 01
2.  Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller
3.  stila major lash mascara (just a modest single coat!!!)

And that's all she wrote for a fun DAY 1 of 2012.  Naked makeup, family hike, cellar cleanup and homemade mini meatloaves.  Not an unfortunate beginning!  So if this beauty junkie can go naked, you can try it, too!!!