Friday, January 13, 2012

About a Brush...

What exactly makes makeup so fascinating?  The transformation?  The confidence boost?  The limitless options facing any well-made face?  No.  It's the brushes.  Watching the artist sweep delicately across a cheekbone, chiseling a jawline, defining a strong crease under a deeply-arched brow?  It is beautiful.  If you have doubts, watch someone in action at a salon or on YouTube.  There is nothing like it (for a beauty geek!)

This is the sad state of my current brush-life:

Sad, sad brushes.

These are the haggard (but fairly clean) members of my makeup brush troupe.  (I use different brushes at the salon.)  They have travelled countless miles, weathered many-an-emotional-storm, and made a few new friends along the way!  But I am going to be ruthless in their demise once I receive my new Real Techniques (Pixiwoo co-founder Sam Chapman's creation brushes that I just ordered from !

Yay!  I just can't wait!  I have been looking at all  makes, models, brands, etc., trying to decide what I wanted to buy with my birthday money (from August!)  I just adore Pixiwoo ( videos, and the price point was excellent for starting all fresh and new with makeup brushes.  I will probably be blabbing about them quite a bit as soon as I start playing with them!  Yay!

OK, throw away those little foam applicators that come with your eyeshadow quads and grab a fluffy brush!
The beauty of makeup is just a brush away!!!
xoxo L