Having a Sally Field Moment--The Versatile Blogger Award!

I am officially a part of the Blogger Community!  And I know I am so totally taking this over the top, but I can't help but think, "You like me, you really like me!!"

I would like to thank (the Academy!) Melissa from budgetbeautybanshee for this AWARD!!! So excited she thought of me for this honor!  My hubby was slightly joking that it was "a major award!" (like from The Christmas Story when Dad wins the sexy-leg lamp!)  But, seriously, we are so excited!

So seven random facts about me:

*  my family is my world
*  I always give my pets middle names
*  before I became a hairstylist/makeup artist/blogger, my fave job was as a pharmacy technician
*  I worked as a DJ for a country music station for about a month
*  I love watching movies, including documentaries on just about anything!
*  I always do my own haircuts/color (Once every few years I will let a coworker do something, but I straight-up panic the whole time!)
*  I used to get picked on for my big eyes...now I use them to my advantage!

Here are 15 blogs that I'm into now, that I would like to honor with the Versatile Blogger Award:

1.  A Vintage Affair With Beauty
2.  Ask Erena
3.  Bow Tied Beauty
4.  Future Fashionista Editor in Chief
5.  Glamour Daze
6.  Simply Gorgeous
7.  Sweet Wahine's Beautiful Life
8.  Stokely Rainbow
9.  What Kimmi Did Next
10. kandeej.com
11. Make Me Shimmer & Glitter
12. Mama's Journey
13. Beauty Flawed
14. TLuvzmakeup
15. Maria Ortega Makeup

I love finding great beauty/fashion/mama blogs and these are some cool ones.  Be sure to show them some love!  And thank you, again, for this Major Award!!:)
xoxo L

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