Nightly Routine, Redux

So, you know how I said I was going to use the same products at night because I need to see results and use up products?  Yay!  I actually have done the same routine for nine days!  These were the main products:
Now, I just tried to find the active ingredients for the Avon Nightly Nutrient Peel, and it doesn't even exist on their website anymore.  I don't think I've had it THAT long, but now I am trying to figure out my ownership timeline...product should be used by the expiration date for maximum efficacy, you know.  Especially this type of treatment product. However long I have had this, it has been working, to a point.

As I said previously, I washed with a gentle cleanser, then applied this eye cream (Clinique All About Eyes Rich) and peel serum.  After a few minutes, I layered on a thick coating of a regular hydrating lotion.  Each morning, I rinsed off the residue (I didn't cleanse) and my skin really did look brighter and smoother.  Until morning seven, that is.  That morning, I could see this light layer of dry skin all over my forehead.  I used my Clarisonic Mia (the most AWESOME skin buffer EVER!) with one pump of Olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin.  It was just what the cosmetologist ordered!  Smooth, flake-free and clear skin!

Why did this happen, you may ask?  This is my presumption:  The mild daily peel gently exfoliated dull surface cells, bringing new skin shining through.  After a week of the same, the new skin became the old skin and the peel serum (as a chemical exfoliator) needed just a bit of good ole' manual sloughing.  I think the peel serum can do good things, but it can't do everything by itself.  Through this first week of experimentation, I was using no other form of exfoliation, not even a wash cloth with my cleanser.  My new layer of old skin needed to be scraped out of the way!

So, for the next week I will be adding a round with the Mia to my routine, perhaps every other morning?  Then we'll see those ageless results I've been searching for!  Three cheers to following through!!

Smooth Skin Wishes,


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