Out with the Old (Skin and Products!)

I love products!  I love researching them, buying them, trying them...and almost never finishing them, because I find new ones to try and buy.  Then I end up with a backlogged basket/drawer of great (or not-so-great) products edging ever closer to their expiration.  What a waste! 

Marching behind the skeletons of wasted products is a face that needs love and moisture.  Fine lines are just waiting to be diminished, spots needing correcting collect pigment and cry out for banishment!  This skin demands follow through!  So here's the plan:

1.  Stop purchasing (BAH!) unnecessary product until currents are under control.  (I have had this policy in effect for most of the past year, and it has helped immensely!)
2.  Create skin-treatment regimen from current open commodities.
3.  Follow said regimen (the hardest part) until sufficient knowledge/results have been mined for decision.

Since right now my skin seems slightly drier and more dull (thank you terrible weather and no sleep!)  I have decided to use nightly peel serum as my central product.  This is Avon Solutions Ageless Results Nightly Nutrient Peel. 

For my nightly (new) facial routine:
*Wash with Bath and Body Works' PURE SIMPLICITY SKIN-BALANCING FACE WASH in rice
*Apply CLINIQUE all about eyes rich under my eyes (gently, ladies!)
*Apply a few drops of the Nutrient Peel all over face and neck, except around eyes (this is why I use eye cream first, to create an easy border-of-avoidance!)
*Wait for about 5-10 minutes to soak in, they apply a hefty layer of regular moisturizer or night cream.

NOTE: You do NOT want to layer a cream that has anti-aging refinishers, smoothers, treatment-oriented ingredients over a peel product like this...a little may be great, but too much of a good thing in this case could equal red, peeling, angry skin!  This may not be true for everyone, but just use common sense!

So I have already completed 2 nights of my new regimen.  Here's to following through, at least until some of this gets used up!  But my forehead already seems smoother (wishful thinking? or results-oriented skincare??)  Let's see how this goes!


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