Revolutions: New Year, New Confidence

I love experimenting with my looks; makeup, hairstyles/colors, fashion, attitude!  It's just what I do. 

Lindsay's got a new color!
 Recently I was doing a friend's hair, and I started asking her about her beauty routine.  She confirmed what I had already suspected--she never tried to change much of anything!  She loves fashion (and gossip) magazines, shopping and adores seeing hair and makeup possibilities...but she NEVER PLAYS WITH MAKEUP!  She does what she does, and that's it!  Same ol', same ol' every day!  She's also never really had her makeup done professionally, either. (Once for a wedding she was in, but that didn't sound very successful!) 

So I asked her if we could do a before...

Trina, before!

and after...

Trina, after!
 Look at the difference in her confidence, alone!  She was nervous getting her picture taken at first, but she felt beautiful, glamorous and totally pampered, and really let herself get into the photo shoot (another first!)

So, this year, I am going to try to show my girls how easy and fun it can be to play with makeup and to really let their hair down!!! Now, follow this blog and go grab your makeup bag!


  1. Wow Trina looks great! you should encourage her to do it more often!


  2. The power of make-up! haha You're a good friend.

  3. Great makeover, I love the idea of before and afters, you should make it a regular feature :)



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