Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Squeaky Clean?

How many of you have been told that oil is bad for your skin?  We have all heard that at least once in our beauty-lives, right?  It used to be, "get rid of that oily complexion!" with a tough degreaser, and now it seems to be"why can't you gently remove that slick with more oil?"  More than confusing, don't you think? 

I have been playing with oils for the last few years, and I am just becoming more and more hooked!  I am obsessed with using oils everywhere:  in my hair, in my shower, before my foundation, to remove my foundation!  I will be sharing my experiences with each of these oil-riffic concoctions over several editions of Beauty By Lindsay.  Stay tuned for serious, hard-hitting investigative reporting.  Or perhaps just one woman's adventures on the Slippery Slope!