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QuickTips: Oils

I know I am an oil fanatic, but I realize not all of you have used oils on a regular basis.  Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

try to use oils with the least number of ingredients...the purer the better, especially with sensitive skintry them on your body first...the face can get a little trickyoils absorb better when applied to damp skin...fresh out of the bath or shower is greatexperiment with amounts...less is usually plenty, and you can always add moremake sure you know what you are using...some oil-based products are area-specific, like for the hair, and some are multi-purpose and great for everyone and everythingtry it on a weekend or other down time when you don't have big plans...sometimes you need a little practice before stepping out wearing oilsif you look or feel like a greaseball, just pat yourself off with a towel and use less the next timeoils can be fabulous, but not everyone is a fan, and that's alright
I like grapeseed oil for normal skin, avacado oi…

I Heart Argan!

Argan oil is hot!   Look at any eye-level product on the market shelves to know it is true!  It is in hair treatments, shampoos,' is even infusing in-salon smoothing treatments!  It is in skincare and makeup!  Everywhere!  Love it or loathe it, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil is here to stay!

One of my absolute fave argan oil products is by Josie Maran, a model-turned-green-beauty-entrepreneur.  I purchased my first products from her line almost a year ago, at Sephora in NYC.  I had been hearing about her goodies for a while and could not wait to try them for myself.

I bought a 15ml bottle of the Organic Argan Oil Moisturizer.  It was the cutest little brown bottle with a tiny dropper for easy and efficient use.  It is also free of any perfumes, dyes, preservatives or anything else that could irritate sensitive skin.  I think it cost about $14.  I also got the Argan Pro Blend Concealer, a double-shade concealer which packs a whopping amount of super-silky and blendabl…

Get in Line'r!

How old were you when you started experimenting with eyeliner?  I was probably in the sixth grade...I definitely have the seventh grade photos to prove the learning curve was quite looooong!  That would have been a tiny, hard-tipped pencil from the generic, all-inclusive, fold-out tray makeup kit I'd gotten as a birthday present.  Along with a six-pack of Play Doh.  Twelve was a weird age for me, what can I say?!!? 

So I started  with lipstick and eyeshadow much earlier, but the rest of my eye/liner repertoire came closer to junior high.  AND I have been experimenting ever since!  Even now, in my EARLY thirties, I have added new products to my lineup...most recently the extremely-popular gel eyeliner.  I have been obsessed with trying this and finally picked some super-black-gel-liner-in-the-little-glass-pot at Wegman's last week.

Like all types of eyeliners, this definitely takes some practice.  I started with the small brush that came with the pot (not a bad value fo…

Not "olive-ing" up to expectations, until.....

Here is what happened when I tried an olive oil scalp and hair moisturizing treatment on Sunday...
(No pictures were taken as no person should be seen in such a state!)

First I gathered my supplies.  Olive oil, of course, but also a microwave-safe bowl for warming the oil, a clean tint brush and a plastic processing cap (available at any beauty supply store like Sally's.)  I warmed about 1/4 cup of oil in the microwave to take the chill off and get it to slip through the hair easier.  The application was straightforward; part a section of hair, brush oil onto the scalp.  Repeat until scalp is covered!  I slathered and mushed the rest of my hair with the oil, combed it through to the ends, topped myself off with a lovely plastic cap and let it cook for about two hours.

Now a word of advice on removal.  When you rinse your hair, it won't feel like anything is coming out.  Just make sure it is really soaking wet then apply a large amount of CONDITIONER, not shampoo!!  Though i…

Olive you, more...

Who's been playing with their kitchen condiments lately?  Yes, I have.  As you probably remember, I am on the hunt for oil-as-beauty perfection.  Starting with the olive variety.
While my hands do seem slightly more moisturized, I have to say this hasn't necessarily become the go-to hand lube I was hoping for!!  Figuring out how much to use, as lame as that sounds, has been surprisingly difficult.  First, too much, and my hands are so greasy I have wipe them on a towel (or my kids, whichever is easier to grab!) It really doesn't seem to absorb quickly enough to be able to do anything after slathering it on.  Too little and my scrapey, dry skin flecks are just slightly glazed, not hydrated and softened.  I dumped a good portion on my dining room floor while pouring-without-looking earlier today.  On a positive note, it did seem to polish the ol' wood floor nicely!  Also, I'm not willing to slug this bottle into my bag for the day, either.  Hmmmmm.

However I am a bit…

Olive you! Olive you, too!

One of my favorite clients moved for a new job about two years ago.  I still remember her color formula (Paul Mitchell the Color 3NA/20 vol.), her soft and smooth caramel-colored skin, and the Italian beauty secret she used to keep it that way...yup, olive oil.  I guess she was technically old enough to be my mother, but she didn't seem it or look it (once we covered her grey!)

I finally asked her once what she did/used on her skin.  She seemed surprised that I thought her skin was so nice!  She told me whenever she cooked she just rubbed a little olive oil into her hands, on her lips, her face, and that was her completely nonchalant answer!!!  Sometimes she added some to the bath water, but it was a pain to clean up.  She told me of a spa treatment she had had that was a bath in a vat of olive oil! 

I used to use a little warm olive oil on my daughter's scalp when she had cradle cap.  Months of store-bought treatments (even a stinky organic lotion for the condition) did noth…