Not "olive-ing" up to expectations, until.....

Here is what happened when I tried an olive oil scalp and hair moisturizing treatment on Sunday...
(No pictures were taken as no person should be seen in such a state!)

The only ingredient needed!

First I gathered my supplies.  Olive oil, of course, but also a microwave-safe bowl for warming the oil, a clean tint brush and a plastic processing cap (available at any beauty supply store like Sally's.)  I warmed about 1/4 cup of oil in the microwave to take the chill off and get it to slip through the hair easier.  The application was straightforward; part a section of hair, brush oil onto the scalp.  Repeat until scalp is covered!  I slathered and mushed the rest of my hair with the oil, combed it through to the ends, topped myself off with a lovely plastic cap and let it cook for about two hours.

Now a word of advice on removal.  When you rinse your hair, it won't feel like anything is coming out.  Just make sure it is really soaking wet then apply a large amount of CONDITIONER, not shampoo!!  Though it sounds counter intuitive, the conditioner will help break up the oil on your hair, making it much easier to remove.  After working the conditioner in and rinsing well, lather up with your favorite shampoo, rinse and recondition like normal. 

I let my hair air-dry to get a true read on the results.  My hair seemed a little more moisturized, but not with the same level of results I get from actual hair moisturizing treatment products.  My scalp felt nice and normal, not dry (thanks!) and not greasy (super thanks!)  I did feel a little lank-to-stringy, but not enough that I felt I needed another shampoo.  I went about the rest of my afternoon without another thought of my hair.

The positive results actually showed the next morning while getting ready for work.  I did not wash or dry, but just curled my hair with my regular iron.  I spritzed some dry shampoo at the roots and worked through like normal and just left it alone.  My hair looked and felt amazing!  It was so shiny without looking greasy, and my color and highlights sparkled!  I think using the hot curling iron sealed in the oil and smoothed the cutilce.  Even today my hair is silky and shiny, and I shampooed and styled yesterday like usual.  Hmmm.  I may be onto something here!

I had good results from using olive oil as a scalp and hair moisturizing treatment.  However, I felt a little soggy while it sat on my head, and it was difficult to be taken seriously while having a tiny spat with my husband!  It took up the bulk of my afternoon, and I am not sure the results would have been so good had I not ironed in the oil the next day.  I am not sure I will be doing this any time soon, but I do see the benefits of the method.

Have you guys tried this or something similar?  Thoughts? 

On with the beauty adventures!

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