Friday, February 10, 2012

Olive you, more...

Who's been playing with their kitchen condiments lately?  Yes, I have.  As you probably remember, I am on the hunt for oil-as-beauty perfection.  Starting with the olive variety.
While my hands do seem slightly more moisturized, I have to say this hasn't necessarily become the go-to hand lube I was hoping for!!  Figuring out how much to use, as lame as that sounds, has been surprisingly difficult.  First, too much, and my hands are so greasy I have wipe them on a towel (or my kids, whichever is easier to grab!) It really doesn't seem to absorb quickly enough to be able to do anything after slathering it on.  Too little and my scrapey, dry skin flecks are just slightly glazed, not hydrated and softened.  I dumped a good portion on my dining room floor while pouring-without-looking earlier today.  On a positive note, it did seem to polish the ol' wood floor nicely!  Also, I'm not willing to slug this bottle into my bag for the day, either.  Hmmmmm.

However I am a bit more hopeful for my hair experimentations with olive oil.  This morning I put just a few drops into my towel-dried hair as a blow dry serum.  It didn't seem drastically different, but my ends weren't frizzy, so that's something!  My bangs are a little chunky against my forehead now that evening has arrived.  May not be the best use for the golden nectar!

Sunday will be the big day for my scalp/hair moisture treatment.  Plastic cap, tint brush, olive oil.  We'll see what happens!

Great Greasiness!