Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Olive you! Olive you, too!

One of my favorite clients moved for a new job about two years ago.  I still remember her color formula (Paul Mitchell the Color 3NA/20 vol.), her soft and smooth caramel-colored skin, and the Italian beauty secret she used to keep it that way...yup, olive oil.  I guess she was technically old enough to be my mother, but she didn't seem it or look it (once we covered her grey!)

I finally asked her once what she did/used on her skin.  She seemed surprised that I thought her skin was so nice!  She told me whenever she cooked she just rubbed a little olive oil into her hands, on her lips, her face, and that was her completely nonchalant answer!!!  Sometimes she added some to the bath water, but it was a pain to clean up.  She told me of a spa treatment she had had that was a bath in a vat of olive oil! 

I used to use a little warm olive oil on my daughter's scalp when she had cradle cap.  Months of store-bought treatments (even a stinky organic lotion for the condition) did nothing for it.  Two baby-scalp massages with the golden oil, and nary a scale remained!  I have long recommended it for clients with dry scalp (if other treatments didn't seem to help and it wasn't a dermatologist/medical issue.)  A coworker recommends it for alopecia spots (Note: We are not doctors! Cosmetologists! Use common sense and see a medical professional if you have weird scalp or skin things!).  I have hairdresser hands, an alopecia spot, dry patches on my body, oy! What a mess!

Close up of "eww"hand!

So I'll start with using olive oil on my hands.  I also want to do a scalp/hair moisturizing treatment with it.  I will brush my hair thoroughly, part small sections, apply oil with a clean tint brush, pull oil through ends, top with plastic cap and let it soak for awhile.  Sounds delish!

Here's to silky, not greasy, hair and skin!
Ciao, bella!