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Stroke of Genius: Foundation Brushes

Until recently, I had only used my fingers or a beauty sponge (nothing super-fancy) to apply my foundations.  Thanks to my burgeoning obsession with makeup tutorials on YT, I have set out on the trial-by-fire journey of finding my perfect foundation brush.
The brushes I've used are, from top: POSH Foundation (from the 5 piece mini kit); Real Techniques foundation, pointed foundation and buffing.  I have used each of the brushes with multiple liquid and cream foundations, using varied application techniques.  My favorite is:
 Maybe it's from years of using powder mineral foundations with kabuki brushes, but this brush works well with my patting/buffing application technique.  It allows for full coverage with a minimal amount of product, and gives a poreless, airbrushed finish.  I have been using this with my Maybelline FitMe liquid and my M.A.C Studio Tech cream, and it gives fabulous finish to my skin with either product.

Foundation is capable of more than just covering your f…

M.A.C. Attack!

I am so excited I received my first M.A.C. Pro order today!  You can all get M.A.C. Cosmetics online, but certain products are only for licensed beauty pros, like moi!  I'll show you a peek at what I got...

I got an assortment of eyeshadows, lipgloss, foundation, concealer...all sorts of beautifiers, even brush cleaner!  I couldn't help but dive right in and do a fast look before heading outside with the kids! 

Let me just tell you, this is my first hands-on experience with M.A.C. products and I am in L.O.V.E.  The shadows blended so smoothly, the foundation was the perfect combination of coverage and comfort, and the kohl eyeliner was pure bliss to skipping or smearing!

I can't wait to play with my new goodies even more!  I will let you know what else I love soon!  So excited.  Oh the plans...!

Cheers to playing with your makeup, even when you're covered in kid grime!

Workin' It (Out!)

I am never going to be one of those girls.  You know, the ones who don't wear makeup to exercise?  I know, I know:  clogged pores, raccoon-eye mascara, looking unserious about the gym?  I've thought of these, too, but I am a girly-girl at my core and I will not stop wearing cosmetics while I work out.  My solution?

 I have been using this B.B. Cream (very affordable at about $12) for the last couple of months and I adore it!  It has slightly more coverage than my usual tinted moisturizer, UVA/UVB sunscreen, insane hydration and evens out my skin tone, all in one fresh-smelling cream.  I am so fond of this I could go on and on, but I won't...just try it and you'll see! 

So a swipe of this all over, a layer or three of any ol' mascara (waterproof if you're a sweaty sort!) and lip balm gets me feeling pretty enough to hit the grocery store with my post-run flush without needing a touch up!  It's definitely a win!

Here's to girly-girls not caring what p…

Beyond Stylish

According to the American Heritage College Dictionary, third edition, there is one acceptable definition for the adjective stylish: conforming to the current fashion.  I find this rather unacceptable!

Growing up, growing into myself, I have struggled with fitting in.  I think we all have, at one time or another.  It is human and normal.  We, as gawky, limbs-akimbo teens, usually want nothing more than to be invisible, to follow the crowd, to fit in and belong.  Some want more than that.  Some want to stand out and be noticed, be themselves, be different.  I have seen both the advantages and the negative results that can come from either of these penchants, and what I've learned is I am glad I'm all grown up.

Conforming can be comforting, to be certain.  And then it can become a habit.  I am not telling you this is a bad habit, only to take a look at it once in a while.  Is there something you would like to challenge yourself with, beauty/fashion/style-wise?  Something you'…