Beyond Stylish

According to the American Heritage College Dictionary, third edition, there is one acceptable definition for the adjective stylish: conforming to the current fashion.  I find this rather unacceptable!

Growing up, growing into myself, I have struggled with fitting in.  I think we all have, at one time or another.  It is human and normal.  We, as gawky, limbs-akimbo teens, usually want nothing more than to be invisible, to follow the crowd, to fit in and belong.  Some want more than that.  Some want to stand out and be noticed, be themselves, be different.  I have seen both the advantages and the negative results that can come from either of these penchants, and what I've learned is I am glad I'm all grown up.

Conforming can be comforting, to be certain.  And then it can become a habit.  I am not telling you this is a bad habit, only to take a look at it once in a while.  Is there something you would like to challenge yourself with, beauty/fashion/style-wise?  Something you've thought about trying, but haven't dared step out of your daily uniform?  Have you looked at a fashion magazine, or a classic photo of a legendary starlet from a time gone by and thought, "How would I look if I did that?"

You don't need to conform to everybody else to be "stylish."  So what is there to lose by changing something?  It doesn't have to be a big change, or even obvious to anyone else.  The thing is, there is power out there, in that universe of beauty and womanly confidence.  It can be intoxicating, feeling good about yourself and taking charge of the version of you that others see.  Just wait.  You may be surprised what comes your way!

Here's to following a different path to Style-ville!

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