Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stroke of Genius: Foundation Brushes

Until recently, I had only used my fingers or a beauty sponge (nothing super-fancy) to apply my foundations.  Thanks to my burgeoning obsession with makeup tutorials on YT, I have set out on the trial-by-fire journey of finding my perfect foundation brush.
So many options!
The brushes I've used are, from top: POSH Foundation (from the 5 piece mini kit); Real Techniques foundation, pointed foundation and buffing.  I have used each of the brushes with multiple liquid and cream foundations, using varied application techniques.  My favorite is:
Real Techniques buffing brush
 Maybe it's from years of using powder mineral foundations with kabuki brushes, but this brush works well with my patting/buffing application technique.  It allows for full coverage with a minimal amount of product, and gives a poreless, airbrushed finish.  I have been using this with my Maybelline FitMe liquid and my M.A.C Studio Tech cream, and it gives fabulous finish to my skin with either product.

Foundation is capable of more than just covering your face.  It can give so many different effects, depending on what kind you are using and the way you apply it.  The options are only limited by your imagination.  Only ever used your fingers?  Try using a sponge!  Only used a dry sponge?  Try dampening it first!  Don't use foundation?  Start with a tinted moisturizer or BB cream!  (Please, just put something on!!!)  Try it, I know you'll like it!

Cheers to putting your best face out there,