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First YouTube Video

HI!  I have been experimenting with different types of posts here, trying to find my voice.  It took so long just to figure out how to put pics in, and now I'm trying to add videos.  I am learning as I go, which is super-fun (frustrating!) but that's how I roll...

You know most of my "photoshoots" are while I am hanging out with my kids, doing art projects and whatnot, but as a beauty mom, I have to fit in primping wherever I bathtime for said tiny humans!  I have done tons of skincare routines, updos and makeup trials in the bathroom mirror while letting the kids play in the tub.  (Don't worry...I am an arm's reach from the tub at all times!)

My very first try!
This was at the end of a long day, I have been sick for almost a week, and I hadn't touched up a bit of my face prior to trying to film...I just went for it!  What I thought was the funniest is that I was "mom-listening" but so focused on my makeup, that I didn't even crac…

Love Letter

He-loo!  Just wanted to have a quick chat and say I appreciate your support!  You have listened when I've whined, cheered when I've triumphed and encouraged when I've slumped.  Thank you.

I took a big step recently with my little blog here.  I entered a beauty blogger contest and actually told people about it.  I wasn't chosen to compete, but I feel like a winner for stepping out of my beauty box just the same.  Most people know I am not a fan of missing my mark, and failure is no friend, either.  I don't like not being perfect.

Something shifted inside me the day I submitted my work for consideration.  I gained a confidence that went beyond my usual bravado.  My work and creations have value even if there is no gold star given at the end of the day, no finish line, no contest.  This, along with a few other steps on my journey, has changed me in ways I can't even explain.

And I'm feeling good.

As for the blog, if there's anything in particular you'd…

Sample Society: March Faves

Last month was my first Sample Society by Beautybar delivery.  It contained five deluxe-sized samples culled from the top beauty companies around!

FEKKAI ADVANCED Glossing CreamsDERMALOGICA Daily Microfoliant Deluxe SampleSKYN ICELAND Icelandic Eye Relief PenREN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Peel Mask Deluxe SampleOSCAR DE LA RENTA Esprit d'Oscar Deluxe Mini-Rollerball (Even the box is classy!  I plan to repurpose them for makeup organization!)

My favorite picks from March's Sample Society are:

In just one use I had excellent results with this peel.  I normally use physical exfoliants and the only experience I had had with "peels" was an Avon pre-soaked pad that was used daily.  This smells softly of citrus and creamy apricot and has a thick jelly texture with tiny globules in it.  So simple--spread it onto a clean face and neck, let it sit for ten minutes, wipe off with damp cloth then rinse away any residue.  It was non-irritating and refreshing, with just …

Sample Society!

You know how I love trying new beauty products, but hate feeling wasteful when I move on to my next-favorite goodies? Well, as an Allure Beauty Expert I received a special invitation to join Sample Society by Beauty Bar

Sample Society sends you a box of five deluxe-sized samples from high end beauty companies.  When I joined, I filled out a little section that ranked my interests, ie:  skin care, hair care, makeup and the like.  Each month I get a package with delicious new favorites.  You also receive a mini-mag of Allure with tips and tricks related to that month's picks and a code for $15 off your purchase at when your order contains one of the brands included that month. 

I am anxiously awaiting my April Sample Society shipment!  I will let you know what I love!

Applause for the Beauty of Samples,