First YouTube Video

HI!  I have been experimenting with different types of posts here, trying to find my voice.  It took so long just to figure out how to put pics in, and now I'm trying to add videos.  I am learning as I go, which is super-fun (frustrating!) but that's how I roll...

You know most of my "photoshoots" are while I am hanging out with my kids, doing art projects and whatnot, but as a beauty mom, I have to fit in primping wherever I bathtime for said tiny humans!  I have done tons of skincare routines, updos and makeup trials in the bathroom mirror while letting the kids play in the tub.  (Don't worry...I am an arm's reach from the tub at all times!)

My very first try!

This was at the end of a long day, I have been sick for almost a week, and I hadn't touched up a bit of my face prior to trying to film...I just went for it!  What I thought was the funniest is that I was "mom-listening" but so focused on my makeup, that I didn't even crack a smile while they were gabbing about their own makeup!  This sums up the irony of being a beauty-pro mom!

Cheers to technology and making the most of bathtime!

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