Derbylicious Updo Tips!

This is Sally's finished hairstyle for the fabulous Kentucky Derby-themed party she attended Saturday night!  I got to go CRAZY with this style and she had NEVER gotten an updo before!!
Sally has beautiful, thick hair that just followed my every direction!  This was so much fun to create!

We tried her hat with and without her full, rocker fringe, and opted to braid it into the style instead of wearing it down.  This also gave her hat a little spot to call its own!
The braid continued around to incorporate the front right section of hair.

Closer look at top left corner

Right back view with hat

Left back view with hat
Fabulously Finished, waiting for the Derby!
We had such a great time getting Sally ready for her party.  We had the appointment scheduled a month ahead of time and took a few minutes to discuss her style options at her previous appointment.  Consider these ideas to make your next updo a success: 
  • Wash your hair the day BEFORE and style as usual.  Fresh and clean hair is too slippery for an updo.  PLEASE do NOT go to your appointment with wet hair!  Your stylist is prepared to give you an updo not a complete blowout and then an updo!
  • Wear a shirt that you don't have to pull off over your finished style...a zippered or buttoned option makes things so much easier!
  • Talk to your stylist or the salon receptionist when you make your appointment to see if there are any other things you need to know before you come in.
  • Bring pictures of what you would like your hair to look like, but also bring in a picture of your dress!  This will give your stylist a strong style reference!
  • Try to be realistic with your expectations and requirements...your hair may not be easy to work with or your stylist may have an idea that would make you look extra beautiful!
  • If you are feeling miserable about how it's going SPEAK UP immediately...we can change directions in the beginning but not after the style is nearly done!
  • You may want to take an ibuprofen before your event...that tight hair and those bobby pins will feel less than pretty later in the evening (I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL...THIS IS JUST A TIP NOT MEDICAL ADVICE!)
This season is full of fun events!  Proms, graduations, weddings and Kentucky Derby fetes give us great opportunities to get all fancied up and try something new with our hair!  Yay!

Cheers to Updos and Fancy Events!

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