Just a little note...(can't resist!!)

Sudsing up...

and saving face!
I have been locked into a self-inflicted clothing sort/purge/pack fiasco...I know I said I wouldn't be posting until I've finished, but I just couldn't resist any longer!!  I just needed to!  I feel better already!!

As I mentioned the other day, I haven't really been wearing anything on my face while I'm in closet lock-down, except to work, obvs!  Luckily I don't live near any paparazzi, so my bare face (though artfully disguised under large sunnies and a sun hat!) hasn't made the rounds in public chronicles!!

Alright, beauties, just wanted to check in.  Ooh, and I've passed 3,000 views on my blog...thank you!  Oh, and you can like my Facebook page now at www.facebook.com/beautybylindsay .  Yes!!

Cheers to labor-intensive seasonal-clothes/too-small-kids'-clothes organization!

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