Sunday, June 24, 2012

Catching up, beauty!

Hello, my beauties! I have been busy lately, creating beautiful looks for my clients, taking my kids to the pool, and clearing out extra junk from my life. I have still been using up beauty products, but also giving items away that I still don't use myself. Today I even canceled another magazine sub so I don't have more and more clutter coming into my home and life! That was a difficult decision, sounds lame, yes, but I do feel relieved. I am still blonde blonde, and I do think I'll stay that way for summer, as well as keeping my locks growing. I will update a pic soon! I recently went to a Goldwell New York training, with my face educator, Mary B. We learned some fresh color techniques and some interesting cutting updates. All in all the day was super-energizing for me professionally. What kinds of summer plans do you have coming up? Any beauty changes in your near future? Would love to hear about them! Cheers to summer refreshments, of all varieties! L