Easy-Does-It Eyeliner

I love trying new things, but different can also be scary.  As we speak, I am eating the most delicious almond butter and jelly sandwich, in place of my tried and true standard, peanut butter and jelly.  I was a little nervous about trying it, but I really wanted to see what the fuss was all about.  And I loved it!  I may not replace peanut butter entirely, but now I have another go-to sandwich topper in my arsenal.

Same thing with eyeliner.  I know most of us started with that little stub of a pencil we confiscated from mom or big sis, or that Cover Girl automatic pencil purchased with glee before the first day seventh grade.  And we put just that little line on the outside bottom corner, or we smeared it thickly across the top lash line, leaving visible lid between liner and lashes.

And I know for most of us, it's still business as usual even decades later.  But sometimes, you should try the almond butter, you know?

Here's a little tutorial on easy ways to do eyeliner...powder, pencil and even liquid.  These are basic techniques that may help you experiment and see if there is another way you like your eyeliner. 
Cheers to playing with your makeup or your lunch!

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