How To Cut Hipster Bangs/Full Fringe

I don't know if we talk about this that much, but I am a professional hairstylist.  I still work behind the chair three days a week taking care of my awesome clients, some whom I've styled for a decade!  One of the things I know they will do, eventually, is hack at their in-between-cut too-long bangs.  Then I will have to fix them!  I offer complimentary bang trims between regular haircuts, but it isn't always easy getting in when you really need a fix!

I learned a long time ago that I would rather arm my girls with the necessary skills (we should all be able to take care of this ourselves if we must!) to achieve a decent fringe until the next time they see me, rather than walking around with jacked-up hair.  Bangs are a great way to change your overall look, but they do need maintenance to keep them looking, well, bangin'!

Here is a little tutorial I whipped up to teach you how to trim your fringe.  These techniques can be used for all types of bangs, just adjust your fingers accordingly!

Cheers to visible eyes,

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