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More Than Beauty

Good morning!  Thought I'd take a minute and share with you another part of my life...being a mama!  That's really the reason I do anything in my life, ever!  I have had a "mom blog" since before I ever started writing this beauty was the emotional birth to my public writing, actually.  Now I think I'm ready to share it with more readers.  It has a new title, so it matches the URL it's always had...What's Mom Say?

So feel free to poke around in this mama's head and heart!

End of Summer Beauty

With September on its way, I'm dreaming of comfy sweaters, cocoa, lipstick instead of gloss and...dry, sunbleached hair?!?! Patchy, spotted skin? Yes, my friends, you have been living it up all summer and your once-luscious locks and glowing skin have paid dearly for your raucous ways!

This is my plan for fixing my summered skin and hair, and face the fall with gusto!  And a cable-knit sweater with leggings...!

Use a sulfate free, super-hydrating shampoo, conditioner and leave in daily treatment for my specific hair needs.  I am obsessed with Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Use a facial product designed to help reduce fine lines, hyper pigmentation and breakouts (all that sunblock and peeling skin is major breakout fodder!)  I just started using Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders kitExfoliate whole body with a yummy sugar or salt scrub (I want to try Fresh's Brown Sugar once I'm finished with my Philosophy Gingerbread Man) and moisturizer with a rich body cream ( I love L'Occi…

Bardot Bombshell Hair

Here is my latest hair how-to video!  Playing dress up is so much fun!

Cheers to Glamour Hair!

Bombshell Bardot Hair

Good morning, beauties! Just wanted to show you some pics from my latest video! I did a hot roller set, first, which will be up soon, then created Brigitte Bardot-inspired volume that epitomizes the Bombshell look.

Cheers to mega-hair!

New YouTube viewer!

I just wanted to let you know it's easier than ever to find my YouTube videos and channel ! Look over there, at the upper-right corner? Now you won't even have to leave this page to watch!

Cheers to neat gadgets!