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New Hair: Blonde Ambition

Here is the current state of my hair color transition!

My girl Emily foiled in some lovely blonde highlights through the top panel of my hair. This helps break up the regrowth line even more from where I stopped doing all-over color to lighten my base.

We were going to add a neutral lowlight as well, but we don't want to be darker, just more blended and blonde!

I also reshaped my fringe for fall. You know I'll probably just start growing it back out again! But it really helps give my style some definition, especially while I am transitioning to a longer style!

Thanks to my girls Emily and Amelia at the salon for helping me out today!

Cheers to step by steps for your hair!

New Hair: A Transition

You have probably noticed my ever-growing regrowth area lately! (Grammatically incorrect? Perhaps!) But you get my drift! I have been super-blonde for about the last year, which has taken its toll on my locks.

I stopped touching up my regrowth about eight weeks ago, and added a few fine, warm lowlights through the top panel and deepened the area below my occipital region.

Yesterday I added more lowlights, this time with a deeper, richer red-brown color. The overall result is a slightly darker, rich blonde with nice dimension.

My next steps will be adding a few neutral brown pieces that blend with my natural base color followed by strategic light blonde pieces for a pop of brightness!

It sounds like I have a "whole lot going on up there" (direct quote from Amelia from work!) but the end result I am looking for will still be an overall blonde look with lots of rich dimension and fabulousness!

Can't wait to show you my next steps! Stay tuned!

Cheers to transitional hair!

Driving Backwards. Wait, what!?

As a hairstylist, one of the things my clients ask about the most is how to get more lift or volume in their hair.  Another thing is how to make their hair look different without changing the length or color drastically ( hahahahahahaha!)

The easiest way to change things up without a huge commitment is change the way you part your hair! It is the most simple answer yet so many of my girls just refuse to accept it as an option! I know, I know, this is how you've always done it, I get it! It feels weird, looks dumb, has cowlicks, doesn't stay....I always liken it to driving on the wrong side of the road or backwards.

But really, it just takes a bit of practice and stepping out of your comfort zone. It doesn't have to be completely crazy,  just shake up your part a little or push it back at your crown.  Do it. You might like it!

And may I say if you are really looking for a challenge, try applying your makeup with the opposite hand! That is like riding a bike backwards with …

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The Beauty of Words

I was reminded recently why I started writing my blogs. Just a few days ago I read an article link on Twitter (yeah, totally have no clue where or what site it was on...sorry!) The basic premise was that no matter how great your pictures are, your blog must still be well written. It isn't just what you say but how you say it that keeps traffic coming.

When I started, the whole point of this experiment was to reenergize my voice, to bring writing back to the front of my life. To spring back to my self. Soon, I realized all the other cool options that I could use for beauty blogging, like pictures and videos, and I was smitten with the ease of a quick post!

I love being able to post frequently, including fun visuals and my YouTube videos, but I want to remind myself that I am writing this blog for myself as well as for you! Which means using my words!

My hope is that you enjoy all the different ways my blog comes to you, and that you keep finding interesting reasons to visit each da…

My New Old Hair! (Vintage hair tutorial)

Oh my goodness! I have entered my first YouTube contest!  I am so excited because I followed through with the goal I set for myself and had a blast while doing it! Yay, big girl!

The contest was hosted by several gurus (I found it on mysecretglambition 's channel) and it could be a tutorial of any type as long as it was Fall-inspired!  I, of course, had to add a touch of retro drama!  I loved the way it turned out, and I hope you do, too!

This would be an easy look for Halloween, too! Just add a poodle skirt and saddle shoes, and you are set!

Cheers to chasing dreams and faux-bangs!

Vintage hair!

I did this super fun vintage style for my newest video today! I actually entered my very first contest on YouTube, and I am soooo excited!

I will put the video up in my next post so you can see exactly how to get this look!

Cheers to "old" hair!

Hey, Sailor! OOTD!

Ooh! First Outfit of the Day! These are my super fave sailor pants from Old Navy last spring, with my vintage-style Coca Cola tee from PacSun from years ago!

I love that these pants have a higher waist which is soooo back in now, trending from multiple eras!

Cheers to midday photoshoots!

Lazy hair, Lumi Face

Today is a home day with my little guy but we had to take him back to the pediatrician to make sure his ear was all better. Yay! So I thought I'd try something other than my work makeup or regular at-home-mom makeup!

I used L'oreal True Match Lumi foundation in n4. Then I did the rest of my foundation routine and added a little highlight at my browbone with MAC Shroom, and along my facial high points with their Cream Colour Base in Shell.

I like the results, but it is now just after lunch and I am started to feel a little more shiny and a little less Lumi!

What is your go-to look? Matte or luminous?

Cheers to dew-ing your makeup!