Monday, October 22, 2012

New Hair: A Transition

You have probably noticed my ever-growing regrowth area lately! (Grammatically incorrect? Perhaps!) But you get my drift! I have been super-blonde for about the last year, which has taken its toll on my locks.

I stopped touching up my regrowth about eight weeks ago, and added a few fine, warm lowlights through the top panel and deepened the area below my occipital region.

Yesterday I added more lowlights, this time with a deeper, richer red-brown color. The overall result is a slightly darker, rich blonde with nice dimension.

My next steps will be adding a few neutral brown pieces that blend with my natural base color followed by strategic light blonde pieces for a pop of brightness!

It sounds like I have a "whole lot going on up there" (direct quote from Amelia from work!) but the end result I am looking for will still be an overall blonde look with lots of rich dimension and fabulousness!

Can't wait to show you my next steps! Stay tuned!

Cheers to transitional hair!

Ps: I am a professional hairstylist and colorist! Do not try this at home!!! xoxo