The Beauty of Words

I was reminded recently why I started writing my blogs. Just a few days ago I read an article link on Twitter (yeah, totally have no clue where or what site it was on...sorry!) The basic premise was that no matter how great your pictures are, your blog must still be well written. It isn't just what you say but how you say it that keeps traffic coming.

When I started, the whole point of this experiment was to reenergize my voice, to bring writing back to the front of my life. To spring back to my self. Soon, I realized all the other cool options that I could use for beauty blogging, like pictures and videos, and I was smitten with the ease of a quick post!

I love being able to post frequently, including fun visuals and my YouTube videos, but I want to remind myself that I am writing this blog for myself as well as for you! Which means using my words!

My hope is that you enjoy all the different ways my blog comes to you, and that you keep finding interesting reasons to visit each day (or week!) And thanks for taking a moment to read this blog!

Cheers to 1,000 words being worth a picture!


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