Before the After...

Ever wonder how everyone else looks when they hoist their tired booties out of bed? And just how unpretty things are before you get to "the after?!" Hang onto your hats, beauties! Things are about to get ug-ly!!

Some mornings, I feel like I look fabulous! Other mornings, it's like this...

Then things get a little better with a shower, some argan oil and a bit o' primer and spackle...

And then we get the finishing touches...

Ok, thanks to the wonder and magic of cosmetics and hair tools, I am ready to run errands with my tiny humans!


I hope you have enjoyed this full-facial nudity!! Now when you get up and catch a glimpse of yourself in the coffee pot at 5:45am, you will know you're not alone. I'm right there, girlfriend!

Cheers to making our days prettier!

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