Happy 100th Post!

When I signed up for Blogger more than a year ago and created Beauty by Lindsay, I was looking for a way to force myself into the world with my writing. An outlet for all the extra stuff that was slamming around inside my cranium! An extension of the me I knew was still trying to find her way!

What I have found is so much more. I never could have imagined I would be where I am now...a part of an ever-growing beauty-blogging community, engaging in conversations with beauty-junkies from everywhere! And I have found a confidence in myself I never knew existed...do you know how long it took me to actually TELL people I wrote a blog!?!? Hahaha!

And I have found a renewed passion for my career as a hair stylist/makeup artist! This has been such an awesome year! I have had such encouragement from people in all arenas, I am just so grateful! And with my youtube channel in addition to the blog, I am really so inspired and excited about what I'm doing! I think I have become a much better mother and wife, too, because I know I am finding fulfillment in all aspects of my life and am actually DOING something that I really feel good about! Holla!

As we set about the end of year celebrations, i just want to pause and say thank you for all of your support, to friends old and new....cheers to a fabulous new year, with lots more Beauty by Lindsay to come!

www.youtube.com/beautybylindsayc www.twitter.com/beautybylinds www.facebook.com/beautybylindsay
And I don't think I ever showed you my Halloween costume! Fake lashes, fake hair...all fun! Xoxo L


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