Too-Much Tuesday

Haha this wasn't actually from today, but I wanted to show you an eye look I tried the other day. Maybe I will start doing a weekly theme!

I was using a cream shadow base, then some MUCH stronger colors in a way higher quantity than I normally use! (Bright sparkly blue from NYX and black black Carbon from MAC!)

Lets just say this is not a look I will be wearing to run errands in, though I think it certainly looks hot!

I guess it's never too much if you've got the right sort of event to attend, right?! Buuuut, for this chicky, it is a bit ott (over the top!)

Cheers to playing with major smoky eyes with ultra-glam poses hahaha!


  1. love the shape of the eyeshadow! i wish the pictures were a bit bigger though :)

    1. So glad you liked! The picture issue is weird, because I'm doing it all on my iPad which has no zoom, and the blogger app doesn't let me change any picture stuff! Grrrrrr! Thank you for taking the time to comment! Xo L


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