Tuesday, June 26, 2012

QuickClips: Contouring/Highlighting

Hello, beauties!  This is my super-easy way to minimize cheek chub, and chisel your jawline and cheekbones!  I had a recent trip to the dentist, which left me puffy, so I thought I'd show you my tips and tricks for contouring and highlighting my face!  Enjoy!

Also, I have been playing with the video editor on YouTube, and look how different my very first video is with just a couple tweaks!!!  So fun!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Catching up, beauty!

Hello, my beauties! I have been busy lately, creating beautiful looks for my clients, taking my kids to the pool, and clearing out extra junk from my life. I have still been using up beauty products, but also giving items away that I still don't use myself. Today I even canceled another magazine sub so I don't have more and more clutter coming into my home and life! That was a difficult decision, sounds lame, yes, but I do feel relieved. I am still blonde blonde, and I do think I'll stay that way for summer, as well as keeping my locks growing. I will update a pic soon! I recently went to a Goldwell New York training, with my face educator, Mary B. We learned some fresh color techniques and some interesting cutting updates. All in all the day was super-energizing for me professionally. What kinds of summer plans do you have coming up? Any beauty changes in your near future? Would love to hear about them! Cheers to summer refreshments, of all varieties! L

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Bump in the Road...Zits.

Golden (flawless) glow...MIA, boo!
So I miss this skin, you know, from just a couple of months ago?  I know the big 3-5 is crrrrreeeeeeepin' up on me, but I did not intend to court adult-onset acne!  I don't think that is necessarily what is happening to me right now, but I am suffering from the worst case of bumps/pimples/annoying eruptions I have ever experienced in my life.  I have always felt grateful for good skin, as somehow I have been lucky in that area.  I have always had sincere empathy for my friends and clients who have had trouble with acne.  And now my heart really goes out to the girls and guys who suffer from the embarrassing effects of acne, in all its forms.
Ol' Faithful!
I am reaching for my favorite at-home peel again, but let me tell you what is going on, first.  For about the last three or four weeks, I have had multiple eruptions on my chin, at first, and then on my left cheek.  I have had the stray pimple on my chin almost monthly (damn you, menses!) for the last two decades!!!  But I have NEVER had more than one random pimple on my cheek every once in a great while before this last month.  I am talking, six or seven, concurrent, rotten, mean, ouchy zits, all over these areas for a solid month.  And then I try to "fix" them, treat them, cover them, ignore them, berate them...you get the gist, right?  So frustrating!  What is going on here?

****FLASH***flash***FLASH***  Yeah, so almost one month ago, I started taking 1,000 mcg of Biotin daily, which, according to the Rexall bottle I have is, "an essential B vitamin that is involved in the intermediate metabolism of carbohydrates.*  Biotin also assists in protein and fat metabolism and supports healthy skin, hair and nails.*  *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

I started taking this supplement because I wanted to boost my hair and nail strength and growth.  And it totally seem(ed)s to be working.  With.  Just.  One.  Problem...Zits.  That nothing controls. (Elle Fowler, of http://www.elleandblair.com/ said she had trouble with breakouts from this previously, but I thought, "Not me?!")

I know you're thinking...product overload?  Checked.  Cellphone attachment?  Checked.  Clean pillowcases?  Checked.  Midlife crisis?  Checked.  The only thing that I have changed from my normal life-routine is the supplement.  So I've stopped taking it.  It's only been two days since I quit, and I already have fewer new eruptions.  And I'm PMS-ing now.  With fewer zits.  That SENTENCE is weird to say, so that has to mean something, you know?

So I grabbed my REN peel, my Biore Ice acne cleanser, and my not-too-much-change-at-once philosophy and we'll see what happens next.  I am aiming for that golden glow, once more.  STAT!

Cheers to not thinking about acne,

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Hair and Makeup

Beautiful Birthday Girl!
You've all seen the transformation I did on Trina several months ago, right?  You can check that out here.   Well, for her birthday she wanted me to transform her again!  Oh my goodness, isn't she gorgeous?!?!?!  We had so much fun making her extra fancy for her special day.  Here is what I did:

  • foiled in blonde highlights using PaulMitchell Dual Purpose powder with 30 volume.
  • reshaped style using point-cutting for layers
  • applied AG Plastique extra hold volumizer from roots to ends; dried hair using my hands to apply tension and wrapping technique around head for smoothness.  Once about 90% dry, added direction and volume using large round brush
  • started with bare face
  • applied Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream with foundation brush; patted to remove excess
  • applied foundation with same brush;  patted off excess
  • contoured with matte bronzer under cheekbones; added warm pink blush at apples
  • softly highlighted tops of cheekbones, cupid's bow, bridge of nose and brow bones with powdered highlighter
  • used angled brush to push in MAC Carbon shadow at lash line and topped with thick line of black smudgy liner
  • buffed liner to create smoky finish; contoured and smudged with midtone brown/grey shadow; patted light-golden shadow to inside corner of lid
  • spritzed entire face with MAC fix+ to get rid of powdery look and set makeup
  • curled lashes and layered several coats of two different mascaras (better than falsies if you've never been comfortable in strip lashes!)
  • slicked on shimmery nude gloss
Then I finished her hair with the flatiron, spritzed dry shampoo into her roots, pulled PaulMitchell Dry Wax through her ends and sprayed with long-hold hairspray.  Wow, it sounds like sooo much more when I write it down!!  It didn't really take all that long to complete, but I think each step was important, since she would be going from my house straight through the night without touching up anything but her lips.

Love helping my girls get their glam on!!

Cheers to being fancy on your birthday (or EVERYDAY!!!)