Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Yay!

I am so completely excited about 2013! This year, also known as 2012, has been such an amazing year of awesomeness I can't even explain! Personally, professionally, it has just been so inspiring! I hope 2013 brings you all the happiness, joy and success you can handle! Thank you for your support and I can't wait to share 2013 with you!

Cheers to beautiful days comin' your way!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy 100th Post!

When I signed up for Blogger more than a year ago and created Beauty by Lindsay, I was looking for a way to force myself into the world with my writing. An outlet for all the extra stuff that was slamming around inside my cranium! An extension of the me I knew was still trying to find her way!

What I have found is so much more. I never could have imagined I would be where I am now...a part of an ever-growing beauty-blogging community, engaging in conversations with beauty-junkies from everywhere! And I have found a confidence in myself I never knew you know how long it took me to actually TELL people I wrote a blog!?!? Hahaha!

And I have found a renewed passion for my career as a hair stylist/makeup artist! This has been such an awesome year! I have had such encouragement from people in all arenas, I am just so grateful! And with my youtube channel in addition to the blog, I am really so inspired and excited about what I'm doing! I think I have become a much better mother and wife, too, because I know I am finding fulfillment in all aspects of my life and am actually DOING something that I really feel good about! Holla!

As we set about the end of year celebrations, i just want to pause and say thank you for all of your support, to friends old and new....cheers to a fabulous new year, with lots more Beauty by Lindsay to come!
And I don't think I ever showed you my Halloween costume! Fake lashes, fake hair...all fun! Xoxo L

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Too-Much Tuesday

Haha this wasn't actually from today, but I wanted to show you an eye look I tried the other day. Maybe I will start doing a weekly theme!

I was using a cream shadow base, then some MUCH stronger colors in a way higher quantity than I normally use! (Bright sparkly blue from NYX and black black Carbon from MAC!)

Lets just say this is not a look I will be wearing to run errands in, though I think it certainly looks hot!

I guess it's never too much if you've got the right sort of event to attend, right?! Buuuut, for this chicky, it is a bit ott (over the top!)

Cheers to playing with major smoky eyes with ultra-glam poses hahaha!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fab and Fast: 5 Minute Updo

The main ingredients for a super-fast updo? Teasing brush, hairspray, bobby pins and SPIN PINS! These little beauties were so inexpensive but I have used them so much! I got mine at Walmart, but you can find them anywhere!

For step-by-steps, watch this!

Wishing this app allowed me more control, like I have over my hair!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Easy Green, Smoky Eye!

This was the easiest, colorful (well, it's not super colorful, it is a dark green!) smoky eye! I used MAC shadows for this look.

After priming my lids, I applied Bottle Green all over my lid just up to my natural crease line. Next, I smudged Carbon just around the edges of the green, including at the lash line, and extending the outer corners slightly. I added dimension by sweeping Cork above the smoky crease, and highlighted my brow bone and inner corner with Shroom. I patted a little more of the green over the center of the lid to define the colored part more.

Black liquid liner and several (like, eleven!) coats of blackest-black mascara finished this awesomely smoky-but-not-too-smoky eye! Perfect for a little added snazziness for the holiday season, or just a night out on the town! Or running errands with your four-year-old, just sayin'!

This is an easy way to incorporate some color without feeling like Rainbow Brite (yay to mental flashback to my youth!) Any color will do! Go ahead and play!

Cheers to smoke and mirrors!