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Merry Christmas!

It has been a full year, for sure!  With our new home project, illness, babies going to school...things have not been quiet.  But I am grateful each morning I get to wake up and hopefully live each day to its potential.  We unexpectedly lost my stepdad just over a week ago, and I never want to take another day in my life for granted.
My best wishes to all of you! I look forward to creating more fun beauty tidbits for you in the coming year!  Enjoy your families and see each day as a gift!
Cheers, Lindsay

Project: One Year to Pinterest Hair

I have some super-fun things coming your way! My friend Erin and I want to grow out our hair to Pinterest-worthy lengths and styles.  Now, we are both professional hair stylists, and even we struggle with the bumps in the road to glamorous hair; i.e. chopping it off once things get to the collar bone, adding too many layers, not having enough layers, thinking you can just let it go for 14 months without trimming it, chopping/hating/regrowing/chopping get it!
We are going to let you in on each part of our hair growth journey, sharing our pro tips and tricks, and hopefully avoiding the major mistakes we all tend to make when trying to change styles!
I've been trolling Pinterest like a fiend, looking for interesting "remedies" and DIY treatments, as well as inspiration photos and pinning to my newest board, "Project One Year to Pinterest Hair" can follow me at
I can't wait for you to meet Erin and for once, h…

Revlon 3D Volume vs. L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly

I used each of these mascaras separately for a week at a time.
3D Volume from Revlon. Plastic bristled brush separated lashes nicely, and the formula built up quite well after 3-4 coats. Nice volume, though still seemed to take a whole lot of time and coats to get there.
 Voluminous Butterfly from L'oreal. Also plastic bristles, but in the craziest asymmetrical, wing-like brush. Not as sharp when jabbed in eyeball. Quite pleased with this formula, though it is from the same family that I already adore.  I still prefer regular bristles and this took a few coats to really fatten up my lashes, but it built brilliantly without getting ugly! (Photo is actually 7 coats!!)
The fabulosity of the Butterfly brush shoots the Voluminous product way over the winner's line, but I like the performance of the formula better than the 3D anyway.  I've never used any other Revlon mascara, but this was a great entree to their line for me.  
Let's see what happens next week in the Drugstore …

Drugstore Mascara Showdown: L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly

Today is the second day of my trial with Voluminous Butterfly, and I've gotta say, I'm kind of fallin' in love!  It seemed to apply a little easier for me today, as I wasn't quite as weirded out about the crazy brush! And you know I always love the Voluminous formula, but this one also has fibers in it to create extra length!

Here is the video I made yesterday for my first-ever time wearing Voluminous Butterfly!
Watch and enjoy! You'll see what I mean about the definitely takes some getting used to!
Cheers to luxe lashes! Lindsay

Next Contestant...

Revlon Photoready 3D Volume It only took four coats! Haha!
So far, this mascara is pretty good at volumizing and defining, but it does seem to take a little extra to get my desired effect... The brush has the plastic bristles to keep everything separated, but it doesn't always seem to leave enough product on the lashes...and it really hurts when you accidentally poke your eyeball! 
I'm going to use this one mascara exclusively this week...that way I can really get a good feel for far, so good!
Cheers to lush lashes! Lindsay

Drugstore Mascara Showdown: Great Lash BIG vs. Colossal Volum Express Cat Eyes

Wow, next time I think I might choose products with shorter names! Whatever happened to calling it "black mascara"?!  Tongue-twister titles aside, I have started my drugstore mascara showdown this week.  I'm going through my drawer and making myself use all of the mascaras I already own, plus I'll be adding some new ones to see if I can find a new fave from the drugstore!

Remember, my current favorite drugstore mascara is L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black. It has been my go-to for quite a few years now, but I can never resist trying different offerings from the beauty aisles!

My first contestant this week is Maybelline Great Lash BIG, in blackest black. If you're a fan of the classic Great Lash, you'll probably love this, if you can get used to the fat brush... (Great Lash BIG, bottom. Volum' Express Cat Eyes, top.)
The second player this week was Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes, in Glam Black. As you can probably see from my dead-eye ex…

Drugstore Mascara Showdown, Part 1

Hey everyone! If you've been a reader for awhile, or have watched any of my youtube videos ( you may know I am a huge mascara addict. Like, I think I may need to join some kind of group for it...I will show you a picture of what I'm talking about... So this is my mascara/eyeliner drawer. Quick count says eighteen mascaras. Most of them are drugstore, but I also have a few semi-pricey tubes, as well.  Jane Iredale mini, a Josie Maran, a Sephora...I go through a ton of mascara and I am super-picky about consistency, color and texture. I love playing with high-end mascara, but I live 45 minutes from anywhere...when I need/want new mascara, I've gotta have it now! Truly an issue!
My longstanding drugstore favorite is L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black. It is just so thick and rich, with a perfect old-school really gives me the fake-looking lashes I adore!
But I am always looking for my new favorite! As you tell from my drawer, I'm …

My Essential Modern Retro Makeup (drugstore)

Wait for the bloopers...oh my! Hope you enjoyed watching this as much as I enjoyed filming it! (Not editing, though, that's really not as fun!)  Here is a list of the products I used to create today's look:

L'oreal TrueMatch LUMI foundation in N4
Revlon PhotoReady concealer in 003
Wet&Wild Coverall Pressed Powder in 825B Medium
CoverGirl TruBlend Naturally Luminous Bronzer in 435 Golden Sunrise
Revlon BrowMaker (so old that all the writing is worn off, ewww!)
Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quad in 535 Goddess
Revlon Colorstay gel liner in 001 Black
L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara
Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in 740 Certainly Red

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
elf Powder Brush
Sonia Kashuk 01 (large face/powder brush)
LA Colors Professional Eyeshadow blender brush
POSH Brow & Eyeliner brush
elf Professional eyeshadow brush
Sephora (?) eyelash curler

Ok, friends, let me know what else you want to see from me!
Cheers to requests!

My Essential Faux Bob Tutorial!

I am so excited about this video, guys! It is the first tutorial I've gotten to film at my new home, and then I got to do my editing and all that jazz sitting in my new office! It has been the most glorious experience! So, watch, try, love!

CND Vinylux, One Week

I am really impressed with the way my Vinylux mani has lasted. I haven't reapplied the top coat, I haven't really even paid too much attention to them at all! They have just been awesomely perfect! 
This polish is designed to last for 7+ days, so I'm going to keep wearing it just as I have been to see how many plus days i can get!  Now I just worry how difficult it will be to remove...
Cheers to still-nice nails! Lindsay

CND Vinylux, Halfway Through the Week!

This is halfway through the week of CND Vinylux!  No chips, mucho shine! Grade A, I say! Check in a few days to see my final results!

Cheers! Lindsay

CND Vinylux

This is the latest in mani-tech!  It is supposed to be a long-lasting "regular" sort of polish, that gets stronger with natural light...letting it look fab for an entire week.  Unlike gel polishes, it doesn't require all sorts of shenanigans to remove it or change it.  It also doesn't have to be cured using UV or LED lights.  The process is much faster either in-salon or at home, since you don't use a base coat, either. 1. Start with clean, dry nails. 2. Dehydrate nails with CND ScrubFresh or nail polish remover. Just swab a bit over each nail bed. 3. Apply two thin coats of color. This is Black Pool #105. 4. Finish with one coat of Vinylux Weekly Topcoat. This one is the clincher...its "innovative technology creates long-lasting wear and durability with exposure to natural light over time." This is the finished look...the color is rich and pure, and just so shiny!  It was very fast to apply, though I couldn't tell if my "thin coats" were too t…

Trying Something New! Links!

Find me!

Maybelline New York: The Flash Clean Rehash

I have continued using Maybelline New York The Flash Clean for the last week.  If you haven't seen my First Look and Review video yet, watch it here

This product is supposed to break up your makeup instantly, deep clean your skin and leave behind a layer of moisturizer. It's even supposed to Remove waterproof mascara! And it's only 4.99 at Walmart!  And I really didn't like it. And it really didn't even get my regular mascara off.

I did like the convenience of a one-bottle-does-it-all product, especially when we got home late from an all day excursion to the amusement park...totally out of baby wipes and also totally lazy! But I also didn't have anything on my face except for sunscreen and sweat. Eww, but not really heavy duty cleaning required.

The rest of the nights I felt like I had a residue that needed to be washed off, but I resisted.  I also have had more tiny bumps on my skin than skin is usually very smooth for the most part, so this is su…

Maybelline New York The Flash Clean

Just tried this cleanser/makeup remover/moisturizer from Maybelline New York...The Flash Clean...

Have you guys tried this one yet?  What did you think?  Let me know in the comments!  I will update you on my continued-use thoughts in a few days!


Mascara Blowout!

Boo-hoo! This is my faithful Avon Infinitize mascara earlier today.  (You can watch my First Look and Review video of it
This has never happened to me before, and I've probably used hundreds of tubes of least I had a few backups in my drawer!
Speaking of buying multiple packages of unnecessary mascara, have you seen the new Maybelline New York Great Lash Limited Edition Mascara? Yeah, there are six limited-edition shades (duh) of which I plan on purchasing at least three!  They're around $7 each at drugstores.  Stay tuned for more on those babies! (And be prepped for a nineties flashback...remember blue mascara!? Yay!!)
Wishing you the best lashed weekend you can hope for! Xoxo, Lindsay

Hair Habit

If you've known me awhile, you probably realize I get bored with my hair. A lot. In fact, I usually quip that the one thing that stays the same is that I'm always changing my hair!  My clients tell me they're not sure what I'll look like from one appointment to the next, but that it's always good! (Hope they're not fibbing to make me feel better! Haha!)
Sometimes I want to be all dramatic and "stylist-y" and other times I want to be the all-natural, laid-back Senior year version of myself, a la this pic...
Perhaps I'm just trying to recapture that youthful nostalgia, kind of rewind before I did damage to my hair in the first place (not to mention all those bad decisions in college haha!) But I love the process of creating different hairstyles and colors and looks, I just hate having to wait so long for things to grow or "heal" between changes. Since I am a professional stylist, I can't do things the incorrect way...I'm thoroughly a…

Moving Makeup...

Hi guys! Hope your summer is going well! Mine has been quite busy with the new house being finished having both kiddos home, swimming lessons, play dates, work...and sorting through and packing every single thing in my house! Oh, so painful, but kind of  refreshing to be purging  the stuff we just don't need anymore.

Here's a little video update on some of the beauty junk that I've held on to for waaaay too long...I just couldn't bear letting it go since I loved it so much! Plus if you watch until the end (it's not that long, don't worry!) you'll get to meet my my beagle baby, Sophie Mae!

Hope you all have a great week! Xoxo, Lindsay

New MAC, NYX and my Bald Nightmare!

Here is my newest video...a slightly different format for me, but I think I liked it! Haha! And I blabber on about many different topics! Including my nightmare...
Let me know what you think, if you like this type of video I will make more! It is probable that I will make more even if you don't like it! Hahaha! Hope you have a great day, guys!

Unmelted Makeup!

Me, after a long, sweaty day!
I have to admit, I'm pretty pleased with my makeup after an entire 80 degree day...this morning I did a full face since I was glamming up for work!
I started with NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat foundation in 07 Warm Beige, which I applied with my Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki brush. Then I applied some NYX cream concealer in Porcelain under my eye area to brighten things up and blended that out with the Sigma P80 Precision Flat brush. I contoured with MAC Sculpting Powder in Bone Beige, and highlighted with their Mineralized Skinfinish in Lightscapade. Awesome, awesome, awesome products!
For my eyes, I used all MAC shadows...Vanilla, Brule, Wedge, Soft Brown and Mulch. I filled in my brows with Omega. I have to say I've been afraid of wearing "boring browns" on my eyes...then I found these colors! Love and love!
I finished my cheeks with a warm coral blush from my NYX Haute Jersey palette and that was that! I didn't touch anything on my face a…

Million-Bucks Makeup

There is nothing like new makeup to make a girl feel like a million bucks! Just got my new MAC order yesterday and finally got to play with it before going out with the family for dinner! Yay! I am in love!!!! I will give you the rundown on this look next time...gotta get the kids to bed!! Til then, Cheers to playing with your makeup and feeling like a million bucks!!

New Goodies!

I am pretty excited about my new MAC order...I'm awaiting the arrival of said package any day now! It isn't a large order, just filling out my collection a bit, but I can't wait to try some of the products!

I am a relative newbie when it comes to MAC...the nearest store location is two and a half hours away, a trip I have yet to make since I can order online. This is only my second MAC purchase!

I had stopped obsessively buying new makeup awhile ago and really started using my collection over the last year. I have found some long-lost loves and some renewed faves, as well as realizing that lipsticks just can't stay around for eight or nine years and still be alright! Ewwwww!

So I recently splurged on some Sigma brushes, some nice basics from NYX and now, a sweet little order from MAC. And really what I'm most excited about is moving my new goodies into my new home, which should be within the next few weeks! You can't move old nasties into new niceys!

Cheers to …

Easy, Retro, Summer hair!

Here is the fastest way to look hot when it's sweltering out!
Hope you have fun with it! Lindsay

Color Time!

It has been a few months since I've done anything with my haircolor, and I have been BORED for ages, now! Sometimes I want to go platinum, sometimes I want to go Kardashian-brown, and most recently I've reimagined myself the red of Addison Montgomery-Shepard from Private Practice.
So it's Saturday night, I'm feeling alright...and I have just enough time between dinner and Family Movie Night's showing of Jack the Giant Slayer! we go with 30 minutes of Paul Mitchell the color, 1/2 7N 1/2 8A, 30 volume developer!  Shall we?!
Ta-da! I know, nothing earth-shattering! This basically lightened my base by about two shades and warmed it up just a little. I was tired of the stark contrast between my natural base and my blonde pieces.  Coloring also toned all the blonde streaks I had, so it is all just softer.  I will probably paint in a few more blonde pieces in the next few weeks, too!  I feel like I am on my Jennifer Aniston mission! Haha!  And really, this is abou…

Into the Splash! It's Summer Vacay!

Ok, kindergarten is done (bittersweet mom) and preschool is over (supersad mom) what!? The kiddos and I will still have two days a week of organized folly (they go to the summer program at our preschool when I work at the salon,) but what am I going to do the rest of time?

The last two summers have been gloriously filled with sunshine and pool-lounging, so I didn't really worry about creating a routine or schedule. But now that my littles have gotten used to all that structure and stimulation (guess those young minds don't form themselves!) I feel I really must step up my game!

Our first big thing will be packing up and moving into our new house once the remodel gets finished. Crossing fingers tightly that it is before the end of this month! Swimming lessons will be starting by then, as well, so that will give us a regular almost-daily activity. Kindergarten sent us home with a huge folder of worksheets and other learning resources, so I will be putting some sort of regu…

Happy Hair!

I'm going to give you two tutorials for Happy Hair this Spring and Summer!
Make your hair look amazing with this easy hotroller set, or...
you can do this with just a little more effort! (But not too much extra! Haha!)

Cheers to happy hair days everyday!


Here is some fun for your viewing pleasure!!

This was so much fun! Xo Lindsay

REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask

My skin is in hyper-drive with pigmentation already this season! I'm NEVER going to make it through T-Ball if I don't do something now!

So I whipped out my ol' favorite from last summer, the REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask. You apply to clean skin, leave on for ten minutes, and wipe away with a warm washcloth. It is the perfect time to use it since I have Gabe in the tub trying his new "Squishy Baff." I swear, my kids like their "as seen on TV" stuff as much as their mama!! Hahaha!

What I like most about the REN product is that it is free of pretty much anything chemically-based, but works as well, if not better, than most other peels I've tried. It is a little goopy, kind of like orange pulp in a gel and it tingles a tiny bit, but it doesn't burn at all.

Best of all, it really smoothes things out, texture wise. My pigmentation isn't gone yet, obviously, but this is a once-a-week product, so I am going to do this for at least a mont…

New Mascara Love!

Today I tried the new Avon SuperExtend Infinitize mascara! It has a mega-cool rubber-bristle brush, mad curling and lengthening action, and has lasted beautifully throughout the entire day!

No smudging even through a nap, no flakes or clumps anywhere! And super-dark, rich color!

Can't wait to put this stuff on again tomorrow! And my video on this review will be up tomorrow on Yay!

Cheers to new eyes!

TLC'ING When You Feel Schlumpy

Here's a little video to see how I give myself a bit more glam and drama for those days I'm feeling under the weather or just totally yucky...

Cheers to taking some time to feel better!

Polish Preppin'

I decided to go almost-all-out on my DIY-mani this weekend! Normally I remove whatever old color is left on my nails,  swipe on a new coat of polish and I'm done.

Friday I removed my old polish then gently shaped with a fine-grain file. Then I applied a coat of OPI Chip Skip. This cleans and preps the nail plate for optimum adherence! Next I applied one coat of CND Stickey base coat, followed by two thin coats of OPI Fit for a Queensland.

After letting those thin, if multiple, coats dry for about an hour, I finished my fine-looking fingers off with a splash of OPI Top Coat.

Then tried not to touch anything for fifteen hours.....haha! Guess who gobbered up one thumb immediately?! Yup. Eh, whatevs!

So far, the weekend has been a completely busy, all-hands -on-everything sorta thing, and I haven't ever seen my mani hold up better! Yay for the proper P to the REP!

Tomorrow I will add one thin coat of OPI Top Coat again to help maintain this ol' girl! I'm gonna try for a wh…

Bright Lips, So Right!

Holla some pink lips!

This time of year I like to try to break outta my nude-lip shell! It's the perfect opportunity to hook it up with some pink, baby!

This beauty is from diego dalla palma. Made in Italy, its claim to fame is that its  "uniform release of colour gives a velvety, comfortable and moisturising effect with an anti aging action." This shade 29 is the best mix of soft, creamy, moist, rich, semi-matte, semi-hot pink I've probably ever used! Haha! It feels super smooth and just looks so hot! Yea!

I received this as a delicious sample from Sample Society by Beauty Bar.  I am psyched that Spring is here and it is now perfectly acceptable to indulge in my newest, hot-pink lip fetish!!!

Cheers to not-naked lips!

Topknot Tutorial!

As I have been soooo incredibly obsessed with my hair growing and creating a "crowning glory" topknot almost every day, I thought I'd show you how I've been makin' it happen!

Not sure why I can't make a picture straight, but there you go!
Cheers to lazy-awesome hair!

Tuesday Hair: "high Mulan"

This morning I wrapped my hair up in a high bun/top knot. I didn't plan on wearing it all day, just long enough to pack school lunches and get my makeup on!

Then, I got dressed and added earrings, and thought I'd keep that bun right up there! I thought it kinda made me look a little fancy and on-trend, without being too fussy.

At work, my girlfriend called it a "high Mulan" which I thought was so cute! Her daughters used to ask for this style when they were little, around the time of Mulan fame, for non-Disney people!

So cheers to rocking the "high Mulan" on a random Tuesday!

Saturday Hair

Some Saturday mornings I just don't want to look like it's a weekend! I had to work yesterday, and I wanted to pump up the volume!

Friday night, I slept with my clean, dry hair up in a top knot. This assured me lots of texture all over, and plenty of fullness.

Next, I raked a palmful of Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Thickening and Strengthening mousse starting at the front and crown, and blasted it with my dryer to lock in all that love!

After that, I used my flat iron to define a few curls, and voila! A little Friday-night glamour on a Saturday morning!

Cheers for the love of big hair!

Fashion Flashback!

Ok, so as I've gotten to a more "mature" stage of life, I like to think my beauty and fashion sense has, well, grown up, too! Ive been known to go all-out retro at times, but I usually prefer simple, classic looks for most events. (Like this black, strapless number from Gap, and soft, glam, hair and makeup.)

 But, nearly two decades ago, I wore things like this:

Yes, Friends of the Nineties, that's a velvety vest you see there with my cut-off jean shorts! I guarantee I was wearing my canvas Keds, too! So fancy! But wait! How about this number:And here we have a lovely floral doll dress, complete with bodysuit and flouncy sleeves!  I totally love the addition of the black-cord lady Seattle! Haha!
I must say, these pictures do make me miss the good ol' days! Now if only I could dig up the one with the colored jeans and flannel...I could actually be on trend once again! Yay! The Nineties are coming back!!!?!!!
Cheers to feeling like a Fashion I…

Coconut Oil Beauty

You may remember I started my search for natural oil beauty methods last year. Olive oil, argan oil...face, hair, skin. (You can read about my first olive oil try here.)

It's not that I don't love regular moisturizers and other "normal" beauty products, just that I love trying to use everything in multiple ways! And I sometimes like to think I'm a little more earthy and natural than I probably am! Haha!

In case you missed my latest oil experiment, coconut!, here you go! doesn't start out pretty!

Cheers to greasing up!

Cheap Thrills

As a professional hairstylist, I have access to the best possible haircare products available. I know the benefits of using professional products for keeping my hair in optimum health...

But, in the name of research and nostalgia, there is something so thrilling about walking down the aisle at the local superstore or pharmacy, and buying the latest, greatest, heavily-marketed national brand shampoo. Or hairspray or anti-frizz treatment.

@@@When it comes to professional salon brands, you will never purchase those from these places, even though they are on blatant display in their beauty aisles. That is called diverted product, and these brands are only supposed to be sold by licensed salons, schools and distributors. Please do not buy professional products from the grocery store or pharmacy!@@@

But I know not all of my clients heed my recommendations on haircare products, some of them think I won't know, but I can always tell. It's in the way the color fades, the ends fray and …

Skin of the Day

A. L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in medium, all over face.

B. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles, under eyes, around mouth and nose.

C. Maybelline FIT me foundation in shades 120 and 220, blended on back of hand. Applied with elf powder brush (flat top) all over face, neck, even on my ears!

D. L'oreal Hydra Perfecte translucent powder, patted over T-zone and under eyes for all-day staying power.

E. Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzers in Reserve Your Cabana and Ticket to Brazil. Cabana as highlight, Brazil as warm glow!

Cheers to a glowy Wednesday!

Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzers and Megaimpact Mascara

Today I tried the Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzers in Reserve Your Cabana and Ticket to Brazil, and their Megaimpact Mascara in Very Black.

The last time I used Wet n Wild cosmetics was way back in high school when I wore eyeliner just at the bottom lash line and no other product but Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. Yikes! So I didn't know what to expect from this low-cost cosmetics line in terms of quality.

I was surprised instantly! I loved everything about the bronzers! And the mascara gave a better first impression than some more expensive drugstore brands I've used! Keep reading for more details on these products!

Reserve Your Cabana: this is a light shade, with a soft shimmer. I used it as an all-over powder over my BB cream and concealer. It gave a beautiful highlight to the skin while adding a touch of warm glow. This would be great as just a highlight product, too.

Ticket to Brazil: this is a dark shade also with a soft shimmer. The tone is nice and gold without that brick or …

Happy Hair

As you may know, I am a professional hairstylist. I have been behind the chair for nearly eleven years now, which seems impossible!

As with any career choice, I have had my ups and downs with my decision to become, and remain, a stylist. But I have found that continuing my education in all aspects of the industry keeps my passion ignited!

I just started another round of advanced color classes, which are building blocks for a higher certification. I am so happy, so excited to be learning and challenging myself. Another plus is I get to meet other enthusiastic stylists from around my area and learn from them, too!

Here's to making yourself and your hair happy!

Routine Maintenance

There's something to be said about routines...BORING!!!

Now I'm not saying to eschew your daily or nightly skincare regimen or stop your oral hygiene rituals. These types of routines are truly vital to helping us look and feel our best. What I want you to do is REEVALUATE!

Try something new! Wake up your makeup. You don't have to buy a ton of new products, just dig through your jumbled drawer or bag (or storage unit!) of products and see what's already at your fingertips!

Sort, organize, label, toss...grab something you haven't used in a while and put it into your daily mix. Or use what you are currently wearing but try doing something a bit different with it.

My biggest advice is to PLAY with your makeup! There is no single "right" application prescription. It should be fun, make you feel good and pretty and altogether just be that one to 84 minutes that you spend focusing on YOU each day! (Haha, it takes some of us a bit longer!)

No matter where you loo…

Sample Society February 2013

Thought you'd like to see what's in this month's box! Yay!

Hope you have a beautiful day! Stay Fabulous!

Beautifully Undone

Today I went to Walmart with my family. Before that, we went grocery shopping at Wegmans, aka Mecca! While I wore a slightly cute/casual outfit...AF low rise, kinda khaki, kinda cargo pants, AF tee, AE striped open cardi and my Uggs...I wore nothing on my face but BB Cream.

You may be thinking I have been brainwashed, but I really just didn't have time to do any other makeup. We were hot-footing it out the door, so I grabbed my purse and strapped the kiddos into their carseats.

Now, full disclosure...I almost ALWAYS have mascara and eyeliner in my bag, along with various perfumes, lip products and hand creams, so I wasn't worried about looking totally hideous. I had about half an hour in the car, and a decent face supply in my secret compartments. Or did I?

Nope. Must've taken all my good stuff out during the last bag change, so I smelled like expensive figs (Diptyque!) and had gorgeous lips (Josie Maran!) but strode otherwise un-made-up into the store with my beautiful fa…



Haircolor Redux

So you may have noticed that I have been transitioning my hair color over the past several months. I have always been one to change often and quite dramatically, but I have tried to curb that habit lately.

Two main reasons why I am going more step-by-step: vanity and knowledge!

First, as a professional colorist/stylist for almost eleven years, I actually know how to change my color the right way. Anything less is just kinda dumb!

Second, thought I just ate my weight in Doritos (gracias PMS!) I have an online presence to maintain continuity for. I know it probably doesn't matter that much, but I do find it jarring to my internal timeline seeing videos with very different hair colors/styles! (Now I know how my clients feel every 5-8 weeks! Hahaha!)

Tonight I finally got to reglaze my hair with Redken Shades EQ 06G, and it is just feels shinier, richer and healthier! Now I'm just trying to decide what to do next...

I'm kinda caught between a Kardashian and a an Aniston! Haha!…

Super Bowl-Cut (nineties hair!)

Ok, so in honor of the Super Bowl I am unveiling a piece of my hair history...

Hold on, it's a classic 1990's hit! The girly bowl cut! This was in 9th grade, peak-awesomeness! Haha! Enjoy!

I adore my 90's hair! Haha!
Happy Super Bowl! L

The Most Painful Throwaway: Mascara

Nothing pains me more than tossing a perfectly good mascara that's only been used a few times. Except scratching my cornea each time I try to use it!

I'm sad to say I just can't use it again...the bristles on the brush are too hard, pokey, it's goodbye to Rimmel's Glam'Eyes mascara. It has a nice formula, designed as "ultra volume, high definition mascara," but I just can't get past the tiny, hard plastic comb-like applicator.

I have figured out that it's when trying to get to the base of my lashes that I poke my eyeballs. Pet peeve when only the tips of lashes are mascaraed! But I also found that the applicator portion of the wand seems very flimsy and difficult to control. Boo.

It is always fun trying new mascaras, especially when they don't cost a ton (this was under $5, I think.) But sometimes you get what you pay for, which was a sharp stick in the eye! Hahaha!

Cheers to non-violent mascara!


This, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, is my absolute favorite exfoliator of pretty much all time. I got this in one of my Sample Society boxes last summer.

My first few uses weren't successful, so I shelved it for awhile.  When I tried it again, without adding extra water, it was love at first scrub! Since finishing the deluxe sample, which seemed like a bottomless container, yay!, I have been experimenting with other brands of exfoliators from the drugstore.

Every one I've tried, since experiencing the phenom called daily microfoliant, has been unsatisfactory. Most often, there is too much goo or liquid with the scrubbers so you really don't feel like they're exfoliating. I already use a face wash...I want a SCRUB, albeit one that doesn't scrape my face off! Haha!

I have one other possible exfoliator that I think I want to try. I just found it on MAC, and it contains volcanic ash! Now, if that doesn't scrub my pores clean, I may need an intervention before I …

Shimmery, Smoky Eye Tutorial

Hooray for how-to videos!

Just the other day I blogged my look of the day (click here if you missed the post!) and I have the video to go with it already! I know, I know, big pat on the back, right?! Haha!

Hope you enjoy this simple eye look! Let me know how it works for you and if you want to see more of these how-to videos!

Cheers to beautiful experiments!

Shimmery Smoke

My eye of the day is this soft, smoky look with a soft shimmer. Super-fast and easy enough for any beginner, it starts with a neutral color palette.

The shimmer wakes things up in this drab, cold season while the touch of smokiness adds depth and drama.

This is a very wearable look that can be customized to any color family! Grab your brushes and make yourself feel a little extra sassy!

Be on the watch for a tutorial video!

Sample Society First Wear: Lord & Berry kohl-liner; Nicole Richie Fragrance

Today was my first try with two products from my January 2013 Sample Society box! Here's what I used and what I think about them!

#1001 Black SILK kajal kohl-liner from Lord & Berry. Retail $15

This kohl liner wasn't overly soft when first applying. It seemed to drag a bit, but just until the coating came off ( many pencils have a bit of a waxy layer that needs to be rubbed off first...try swiping it across the back of your hand, which also warms the product up.)

The color was dark and rich black, without the blue or gray you can get with many black pencils. Once applied the color stayed in place extremely well, no smearing or smudging all over the place. It didn't work as well on the water line, but it wasn't terrible.

This eyeliner had great longevity, and still looks great tonight! I am looking forward to working with it more!

Nicole Richie Fragrance Eau de Parfum Spray. Retail $69

The enclosed description of this perfume sample goes like this: a sensual, femi…

January 2013 Sample Society

Care for a glimpse into this little box o' lovelies? You can get all of them on !

January's Sample Society box contains:

Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Eye Pencil, full size! Retails at $15
Clark's Botanicals Moisture Mask, (face product, not hair!) Retail $72
Nicole Richie Fragrance Eau De Parfum Spray, (yummy!) Retail $69
Malin + Goetz Bergamot Body Wash, Retail $32
Snowberry Instant Deep Cleanser, Retail $25

As an extra bonus, it included a 50ml sample of Agedefy Advanced Thickening Treatment from Pantene ProV Expert Collection! It was an allure Best of Beauty 2012 winner! Six deluxe samples instead of just five--bonus!

The normal coupon code and mini-mag were also included! Yay! Another awesome month of goodies to play with!

Let me know if you want to see a video on this box!
Cheers to little boxes of beauty love!

I <3 YouTube!

I love making videos for my youtube channel, ( ) but more than anything, I love being able to veg out on my couch and watch some of my favorite beauty gurus' videos!

For me, my inspiration to begin my own channel was really being a fan of the platform. I am a huge youtube beauty junkie!

Do you have any fave gurus (besides moi, that is? You do subscribe to my channel, right?! Haha!)
Share below! I love finding great beauty videos/gurus. Yay!

Cheers to watching something beautiful!