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The Most Painful Throwaway: Mascara

Nothing pains me more than tossing a perfectly good mascara that's only been used a few times. Except scratching my cornea each time I try to use it!

I'm sad to say I just can't use it again...the bristles on the brush are too hard, pokey, it's goodbye to Rimmel's Glam'Eyes mascara. It has a nice formula, designed as "ultra volume, high definition mascara," but I just can't get past the tiny, hard plastic comb-like applicator.

I have figured out that it's when trying to get to the base of my lashes that I poke my eyeballs. Pet peeve when only the tips of lashes are mascaraed! But I also found that the applicator portion of the wand seems very flimsy and difficult to control. Boo.

It is always fun trying new mascaras, especially when they don't cost a ton (this was under $5, I think.) But sometimes you get what you pay for, which was a sharp stick in the eye! Hahaha!

Cheers to non-violent mascara!


This, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, is my absolute favorite exfoliator of pretty much all time. I got this in one of my Sample Society boxes last summer.

My first few uses weren't successful, so I shelved it for awhile.  When I tried it again, without adding extra water, it was love at first scrub! Since finishing the deluxe sample, which seemed like a bottomless container, yay!, I have been experimenting with other brands of exfoliators from the drugstore.

Every one I've tried, since experiencing the phenom called daily microfoliant, has been unsatisfactory. Most often, there is too much goo or liquid with the scrubbers so you really don't feel like they're exfoliating. I already use a face wash...I want a SCRUB, albeit one that doesn't scrape my face off! Haha!

I have one other possible exfoliator that I think I want to try. I just found it on MAC, and it contains volcanic ash! Now, if that doesn't scrub my pores clean, I may need an intervention before I …

Shimmery, Smoky Eye Tutorial

Hooray for how-to videos!

Just the other day I blogged my look of the day (click here if you missed the post!) and I have the video to go with it already! I know, I know, big pat on the back, right?! Haha!

Hope you enjoy this simple eye look! Let me know how it works for you and if you want to see more of these how-to videos!

Cheers to beautiful experiments!

Shimmery Smoke

My eye of the day is this soft, smoky look with a soft shimmer. Super-fast and easy enough for any beginner, it starts with a neutral color palette.

The shimmer wakes things up in this drab, cold season while the touch of smokiness adds depth and drama.

This is a very wearable look that can be customized to any color family! Grab your brushes and make yourself feel a little extra sassy!

Be on the watch for a tutorial video!

Sample Society First Wear: Lord & Berry kohl-liner; Nicole Richie Fragrance

Today was my first try with two products from my January 2013 Sample Society box! Here's what I used and what I think about them!

#1001 Black SILK kajal kohl-liner from Lord & Berry. Retail $15

This kohl liner wasn't overly soft when first applying. It seemed to drag a bit, but just until the coating came off ( many pencils have a bit of a waxy layer that needs to be rubbed off first...try swiping it across the back of your hand, which also warms the product up.)

The color was dark and rich black, without the blue or gray you can get with many black pencils. Once applied the color stayed in place extremely well, no smearing or smudging all over the place. It didn't work as well on the water line, but it wasn't terrible.

This eyeliner had great longevity, and still looks great tonight! I am looking forward to working with it more!

Nicole Richie Fragrance Eau de Parfum Spray. Retail $69

The enclosed description of this perfume sample goes like this: a sensual, femi…

January 2013 Sample Society

Care for a glimpse into this little box o' lovelies? You can get all of them on !

January's Sample Society box contains:

Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Eye Pencil, full size! Retails at $15
Clark's Botanicals Moisture Mask, (face product, not hair!) Retail $72
Nicole Richie Fragrance Eau De Parfum Spray, (yummy!) Retail $69
Malin + Goetz Bergamot Body Wash, Retail $32
Snowberry Instant Deep Cleanser, Retail $25

As an extra bonus, it included a 50ml sample of Agedefy Advanced Thickening Treatment from Pantene ProV Expert Collection! It was an allure Best of Beauty 2012 winner! Six deluxe samples instead of just five--bonus!

The normal coupon code and mini-mag were also included! Yay! Another awesome month of goodies to play with!

Let me know if you want to see a video on this box!
Cheers to little boxes of beauty love!

I <3 YouTube!

I love making videos for my youtube channel, ( ) but more than anything, I love being able to veg out on my couch and watch some of my favorite beauty gurus' videos!

For me, my inspiration to begin my own channel was really being a fan of the platform. I am a huge youtube beauty junkie!

Do you have any fave gurus (besides moi, that is? You do subscribe to my channel, right?! Haha!)
Share below! I love finding great beauty videos/gurus. Yay!

Cheers to watching something beautiful!