The Most Painful Throwaway: Mascara

Nothing pains me more than tossing a perfectly good mascara that's only been used a few times. Except scratching my cornea each time I try to use it!

I'm sad to say I just can't use it again...the bristles on the brush are too hard, pokey, it's goodbye to Rimmel's Glam'Eyes mascara. It has a nice formula, designed as "ultra volume, high definition mascara," but I just can't get past the tiny, hard plastic comb-like applicator.

I have figured out that it's when trying to get to the base of my lashes that I poke my eyeballs. Pet peeve when only the tips of lashes are mascaraed! But I also found that the applicator portion of the wand seems very flimsy and difficult to control. Boo.

It is always fun trying new mascaras, especially when they don't cost a ton (this was under $5, I think.) But sometimes you get what you pay for, which was a sharp stick in the eye! Hahaha!

Cheers to non-violent mascara!

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