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Routine Maintenance

There's something to be said about routines...BORING!!!

Now I'm not saying to eschew your daily or nightly skincare regimen or stop your oral hygiene rituals. These types of routines are truly vital to helping us look and feel our best. What I want you to do is REEVALUATE!

Try something new! Wake up your makeup. You don't have to buy a ton of new products, just dig through your jumbled drawer or bag (or storage unit!) of products and see what's already at your fingertips!

Sort, organize, label, toss...grab something you haven't used in a while and put it into your daily mix. Or use what you are currently wearing but try doing something a bit different with it.

My biggest advice is to PLAY with your makeup! There is no single "right" application prescription. It should be fun, make you feel good and pretty and altogether just be that one to 84 minutes that you spend focusing on YOU each day! (Haha, it takes some of us a bit longer!)

No matter where you loo…

Sample Society February 2013

Thought you'd like to see what's in this month's box! Yay!

Hope you have a beautiful day! Stay Fabulous!

Beautifully Undone

Today I went to Walmart with my family. Before that, we went grocery shopping at Wegmans, aka Mecca! While I wore a slightly cute/casual outfit...AF low rise, kinda khaki, kinda cargo pants, AF tee, AE striped open cardi and my Uggs...I wore nothing on my face but BB Cream.

You may be thinking I have been brainwashed, but I really just didn't have time to do any other makeup. We were hot-footing it out the door, so I grabbed my purse and strapped the kiddos into their carseats.

Now, full disclosure...I almost ALWAYS have mascara and eyeliner in my bag, along with various perfumes, lip products and hand creams, so I wasn't worried about looking totally hideous. I had about half an hour in the car, and a decent face supply in my secret compartments. Or did I?

Nope. Must've taken all my good stuff out during the last bag change, so I smelled like expensive figs (Diptyque!) and had gorgeous lips (Josie Maran!) but strode otherwise un-made-up into the store with my beautiful fa…



Haircolor Redux

So you may have noticed that I have been transitioning my hair color over the past several months. I have always been one to change often and quite dramatically, but I have tried to curb that habit lately.

Two main reasons why I am going more step-by-step: vanity and knowledge!

First, as a professional colorist/stylist for almost eleven years, I actually know how to change my color the right way. Anything less is just kinda dumb!

Second, thought I just ate my weight in Doritos (gracias PMS!) I have an online presence to maintain continuity for. I know it probably doesn't matter that much, but I do find it jarring to my internal timeline seeing videos with very different hair colors/styles! (Now I know how my clients feel every 5-8 weeks! Hahaha!)

Tonight I finally got to reglaze my hair with Redken Shades EQ 06G, and it is just feels shinier, richer and healthier! Now I'm just trying to decide what to do next...

I'm kinda caught between a Kardashian and a an Aniston! Haha!…

Super Bowl-Cut (nineties hair!)

Ok, so in honor of the Super Bowl I am unveiling a piece of my hair history...

Hold on, it's a classic 1990's hit! The girly bowl cut! This was in 9th grade, peak-awesomeness! Haha! Enjoy!

I adore my 90's hair! Haha!
Happy Super Bowl! L