Beautifully Undone

Today I went to Walmart with my family. Before that, we went grocery shopping at Wegmans, aka Mecca! While I wore a slightly cute/casual outfit...AF low rise, kinda khaki, kinda cargo pants, AF tee, AE striped open cardi and my Uggs...I wore nothing on my face but BB Cream.

You may be thinking I have been brainwashed, but I really just didn't have time to do any other makeup. We were hot-footing it out the door, so I grabbed my purse and strapped the kiddos into their carseats.

Now, full disclosure...I almost ALWAYS have mascara and eyeliner in my bag, along with various perfumes, lip products and hand creams, so I wasn't worried about looking totally hideous. I had about half an hour in the car, and a decent face supply in my secret compartments. Or did I?

Nope. Must've taken all my good stuff out during the last bag change, so I smelled like expensive figs (Diptyque!) and had gorgeous lips (Josie Maran!) but strode otherwise un-made-up into the store with my beautiful family!

I was clean and blown-dry, but not my normal self. But I felt like my amazing self because I was so happy to be with my family on a sunny Sunday afternoon! Sometimes less really is more!

Cheers to NakedFaces on Sunday!

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