Routine Maintenance

There's something to be said about routines...BORING!!!

Now I'm not saying to eschew your daily or nightly skincare regimen or stop your oral hygiene rituals. These types of routines are truly vital to helping us look and feel our best. What I want you to do is REEVALUATE!

Try something new! Wake up your makeup. You don't have to buy a ton of new products, just dig through your jumbled drawer or bag (or storage unit!) of products and see what's already at your fingertips!

Sort, organize, label, toss...grab something you haven't used in a while and put it into your daily mix. Or use what you are currently wearing but try doing something a bit different with it.

My biggest advice is to PLAY with your makeup! There is no single "right" application prescription. It should be fun, make you feel good and pretty and altogether just be that one to 84 minutes that you spend focusing on YOU each day! (Haha, it takes some of us a bit longer!)

No matter where you look for beauty information, make sure you are your own inspiration!

Cheers to playing with makeup!


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